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Ghost's office
about 2 hours ago • Random Chatter
about 2 hours ago


If gingivitis developments to periodontitis, the impacted man or woman may produce receding gums or locations where the basis in the tooth gets exposed through the diminishing, infected gums. Deeply pockets could also produce round the teeth that trap food items, plaque buildup, and particles. https://www.metrotimes.com/detroit/dentitox-pro-review-is-it-helpful-for-your-dental-health/Content?oid=27803675


It's easy to laugh this off under the assumption Sailor Moon is a weak girl that defeats the monster-of-the-week on the power of friendship because of all the gifs and memes... but she legitimately would stomp most shonen super heroes, even characters like Luffy, even if he had a friggin Gear 45123451.

The Sailor Senshin are the goddam GUARDIANS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM and have the powers and strength to do so. Not the guardians of a city. Not the guardians of a planet. The guardians of the ENTIRE solar system. And Sailor Moon is indisputably the most powerful of them all.

Usagi was reborn on Earth (she has eternal life) and lost all her memories. It isn't until the far far later arcs in Sailor Moon that she regains what she lost/forgotten. Examples of her abilities include: Immortality (even if her only power was crying, you can't kill her, and she'd keep crying until you wanna kill yourself), clairvoyance, creation (she can bring the dead back to life), spatial manipulation, can control and manipulate your soul.

Also: She destroyed a being that enveloped an entire planet. Defeated a being with the power of a black hole. Able to defeat a being on the level of a quasar.

And lastly: Sailor Galaxia was the final antagonist. She possessed the power to destroy stars by simply pointing at them. Sailor Moon defeated her.

Treat Yo Self.
about 3 hours ago • Random Chatter

I've been buying too many shoes and had to get a shoe rack to hold them all.

Just got the Nike SB Dunk Unbleached Lilac... but I'm too lazy to take a real pic

Next pair of Dunks will be the Laser Orange... eventually...

Pokemon fans!
about 5 hours ago • Video Games Discussion
about 5 hours ago

Can someone who has x or y help me evolve my Scyther? I've been using Ferrothorn as my steel type during my playthrough but I had a sudden urge to use Scizor for some reason lol

Random thoughts...
about 5 hours ago • Random Chatter

Days like these where I come across a story related to some internet celeb that I have never heard of are where I wish I had still been keft in the dark about them (Ie Oli London and Nikocado Avakado)


still work in progress and decreasing motivation to finish it v_v

about 7 hours ago • Random Chatter