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37 year old Female
Last online 15 minutes ago
Atlanta, GA
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TheSailingTeacup left a comment for verucassault
about 16 hours ago

How are you guys doing in GA?

verucassault Good. It's like a weekend that never ends. Not entirely bad, but I'm also seeing now how it's not good either LOL. We've both been getting on since we have been quarantined.
Mar 31, 20 at 4:01pm

Work this month got me like...

gardevoir_lovesick Dude! I figured it out! Just had to verify my phone number xD
verucassault Yeah, gramps posted that on my wall I think. Thought you saw. Glad you got it figured out LOL.
gardevoir_lovesick Literally just checked and I see no post by a gramps, or from anyone about this for that matter :P LOL but thanks! xD I just felt bad that you had to be the target of my noobness so I thought I'd bring this full circle and maybe give you hope for the users of this site
verucassault hahaha! Glad to, um.. have been of some help.. ? Yeah. Sorry I couldn't do better.
gardevoir_lovesick Nah your good. You've been using this site for years so you would verified and forgotten about verifying forever ago ( that is if you even verified in the first place after you would have found out that this is a thing or if the site even functioned like that all those years ago ). So it's no one's fault.
verucassault I recall having to do captcha every time I was going to post before verifying. But that's all.
gardevoir_lovesick Yep still a thing! Just not the only thingy-er-bob
Mar 31, 20 at 10:23am

siruja left a comment for verucassault
Mar 30, 20 at 11:26pm

there is a option to leave and a option to loob. i dont know if i should loob or what dam hard choice,

verucassault Loob? OR LUBE???!!!
redharvest187 left a comment for verucassault
Mar 29, 20 at 11:03pm

Hey do you play magic the gathering arena?. It’s free to play and it’s a pretty easy way to learn the rules cause the interface tells you what and when you can do something. Add me and we can throw down :)

gardevoir_lovesick left a comment for verucassault
Mar 28, 20 at 3:22am

Ight Imm'a just say anyone posting Vraska the planeswalker from Magic the Gathering as there way to get your attention is worth your time. I don't even know this bark bork person on your page and that's not even the reason I came here, but now that's all I can say cause that's just too awesome.

verucassault I just got into Magic but I didn't realize it was a Planeswalker until you said the name. I think I actually have a Golgari card and was going to see what it could synergize with to possibly build a deck. Cool cool.
ʟɨօռɦǟʀɖȶ left a comment for verucassault
Mar 28, 20 at 2:25am

You chill af, hope you’re around here more often.

Mar 28, 20 at 2:02am

So over this.

galacticgunman left a comment for verucassault
Mar 27, 20 at 8:25pm

Ah yeah I didn't see it I'm afraid, but I've now added Rant to my wishlist :) I've got a book that's all of Lovecraft's works in one, that's definitely worth picking up, they do quite a few different hardback editions and all of the ones I've seen have been quite beautiful, but I will definitely check out the other book as well, thanks :)

Mar 25, 20 at 8:24am

Hydration FTW

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