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Christmas Mommy ®

123 year old Female
Last online about 3 hours ago
۰۪۫ ۪۫☃۰۪۫ ۪۫ ~Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow~۰۪۫ ۪۫☃۰۪۫ ۪۫,
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Arc @arc left a comment for Christmas Mommy ®
Yesterday at 3:44pm
https://64.media.tumblr.com/d5e8636d1a356d472e99a0557f369e69/3c68623d3b803453-12/s1280x1920/c064326de12a67460cdb581a8055b5898b2f4aff.png big dad energy
Christmas Mommy ® @wei_ying He's a horrible father though...I personally don't like him XD
Yeah, I know. I just didn't want to say it XD. But I feel much better now, it helps that I've been talking to my family more about certain things. And don't worry Ya-Ya, your advice and comments are appreciated
Sounds like depression. Like, very much so. Depression doesn't always mean you need pills or even a doctor (Although, talking to a third party professional who has experience with these types of things may be a huge help with giving insight and, that's a BIG and, if you're on a particular insurance, it can be covered at certain places with no out of pocket cost. It helps so very much talking to someone who has zero attachments to you aside from trying to help you because that's their JOB.), sometimes it's just situational depression and not clinical. Edit: Yes, I like to give unsolicited advice. Get over it! ;P
Marcus @marcus_k I'm glad you were able to do that. And I'm glad you weren't pushed away by them either. I know how hard opening up about struggles is, and how easily it is to close back down if misunderstood or pushed away
Christmas Mommy ® @wei_ying Oh! My family isn't the problem. I know that they'd happily listen and hear about my problems, it's all me. I tend to overthink and get in my head that I'd bother them when I know that isn't true
Aww, thank you! But I think he closed the fund already?
Dec 05, 23 at 8:47am
Reminder if anyone would like to help @wei_ying get a new bed this Christmas. https://gofund.me/65bd8296 https://media.tenor.com/WsuX8fkjROQAAAAC/blushing-anime-girl.gif
I'm glad to hear that, senpai. I'm doing very well myself today, thank you
(11:15 AM Fri.) Had some delicious Pakistani curry and rice with two naan's for dinner yesterday. I've been wanting that for forever now and so it hit the spot, it's pleasing to know that I have leftovers and so sad to think of when it's gone XD