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Rose Mommy ®

124 year old Female
Last online about 3 hours ago
Forget the chicken comment! I ate chicken today 4/16/24,
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Why does your face remind me of Ben Affleck? Maybe I'm being delusional? But your face resembles his or something about his to me. XD
Rest In Peace to that Church elder of yours. They sounded like a very lovely and lively individual. ^^ ❤️
The oldest member of a church I usually went to with my mother and her fifth and youngest brother recently passed away at the age of 101 years old. He loved sharing his quote, "Listen! Listen! The greatest news of the gospel: Jesus loves you!" But one quote I loved that he shared was this... "No matter how much you read any version of The Bible, it's simple, just believe in Jesus!" AMEN (-人-)
Jul 16, 24 at 7:57pm
Id like uhhhhhhhhhhh
I have none of those things in my current house, so send her our way! XD
Yay for the cat! We could've used her to catch our mice years ago! You're stingy for not sending her our way lol