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Fall Mother®

122 year old Female
Last online 27 minutes ago
Queen of Vhost,
Well I just recently found out I’m just GD’s plaything... I guess that’s all I ever was sksksk. No I’m kidding though he’s my husbando and I’m his waifu I suppose UwU, although he can be a disloyal foot pervert sometimes XD... I still love him ;). I’m a happy mom of 18 kids (23 counting 5 pretend ones me and GD made up shhhh~) Amarantha/Baby Chimken, Lewd-Chad (Araragi), Frankie/Fran/Hamster, my baby panda (soojin), Spark Plug/Bub (sparks), Little Miss Lea (Leandra), Eupho/Clove (Vagabond), Minty (minty_aiko), Haku/Ha-Ha (Yeesha), Tron (trongx), my Swan babe (Swadian), Cam/Kam (kamiisback), Mi-Mi, Mika, Yuu (mikayuu56), Sen, Pai/Pie, Ya-Ya, Bun/Bun-Bun (senpaisamasan), LeLe (said: “lee-lee” or like “lay-lay), Ria (said rye-uh), mama (Mariah863), Fairy, Tai (said tie), Fae (GrayFairyTail), Kura (Sakurakiss) and my Baby Dio. I love them all so much... even if Chad baby gives his dear mom a hard time sksksk. I need more kids though so don’t be afraid to claim me as your mother or at least imply you want me to be and I’ll jump at it as quick as I can.

Oh! I guess I should mention about how much I care about my husbando, how great he is for giving me so many kids, he’s such a good man... well those aren’t my thoughts UwU, what are you staring at? GD I know because you’re a stalker you’ll read this and I hope you know... your okay I guess (I’m just playing I love giving you a hard time sksksk) <3. Y’all he follows me everywhere though XD, I’m sure he does that to you guys too. He’s also Creeper Joe and I am friendly stalker Joe UwU, I love all my babies/friends (and my husbando I suppose XD) so much and thank you for being so sweet to me all the time UwU.

I also am a neglected and unloved waifu... my husbando never listens to me properly and then has the audacity to excuse him being “tired” and all that jazz *sobs*.

I am also kawaii_kit I just decided I’d put utter cringe/crap in this bio..l I hope it was horrifying enough to read? Stay safe, happy, healthy and of course lovely as always my loves <3

If you are NOT GD (husbando) you are not allowed to: 1. Call me waifu (that is top of my list and would make me feel weird if anyone else did it) 2. Flirt and tease me about being a waifu or great gf and such I think at this point when he teases he knows how to do it so please don’t bring it up too much cause I end up feeling like those compliments don’t end up meaning anything when said repeatedly and you’re trying to force me to like you (or convince I should say) 3. You also can’t make comments about having kids with me XD... he’s husbando so he can play around that way and lastly 4. You are NOT GD so refer to all listings above. I love you all who read this and thank you if you did <3