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Autumn Mommy ®

123 year old Female
Last online about 12 hours ago
Sweet and squishable-Tootsie pop 2023 (ღ˘⌣˘ღ),
Hello there darling(s). Very nice to meet you, I am Wei Ying. Would you like to read a bit more about me?
I’m a happy mom of 21 kids (26 counting 5 pretend ones me and GD made up shhhh~):
Amarantha/Baby Chimken
Lewd-Chad (Araragi)
my baby panda (soojin)
Spark Plug/Bub (sparkis)
Little Miss Lea (Leandra)
Eupho/Clove (Vagabond)
Minty (minty_aiko)
Haku/Ha-Ha (Yeesha)
Tron (trongx)
Cam/Kam (kamiisback)
Mi-Mi, Mika, Yuu (mikayuu56)
Sen, Pai/Pie, Ya-Ya, Bun/Bun-Bun, Baby Bunny (senpaisamasan)
LeLe (said: “lee-lee” or like “lay-lay), Ria (said rye-uh), mama, Ari (Mariah863)
Fairy, Tai (said tie), Fae (GrayFairyTail)
Kura (Sakurakiss)
Pinky, Pin-Chan, Kyky (said: kiki. User is Pinkychu)
Ali (Alice657)
Ren, Neo, Qq (said cue-cue), Sai-Sen (Neo Queen Serenity)
And my Baby Dio.
Husbando of MO: GDMH39
Midget of MO: Forgetmenot/Tootsie Pop/Big Brother - Birthday: January 9th

le français se moque du britannique pour avoir bu du thé au lieu du vin- Tootsie pop 2022

Yare Yare Daze! Je me rends compte que ma petite sœur a raison et que je suis très douce ! Très bien un ours en peluche- Tootsie pop 2023
Things about Mama ❤️
Birthday: March 1st (I share it with my baby brother)

Height: 5’3 and 1/2 UwU

Favorite food(s): Pizza (almost any kind except pineapple and tons of vegetables on it), Curry, Noodles (packaged or homemade), Rice (fried or otherwise), Bread (huge bread lover), Shrimp, Crab, African Green Chicken, Gyros, Tacos, Burritos, etc.

Favorite Snacks and Desserts: Milk Chocolate, Lollipops, Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, Sugar Daddies (that is a candy y’all), Gum, Pudding, Yogurt, Red Velvet Cake, Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, M&M, etc.)

Favorite Drinks: Water, Iced Water, Sparkling/Flavored Waters (specifically the Ice sparkling water brand), Sweet Tea (though I don’t drink sweet tea much more it still tastes delicious!) and Juice (although this is a drink I also don’t drink much anymore)

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Watching My Twin Draw, Watching My 2nd Eldest Brother Play Video Games, Watching YouTube and Swimming

I come from a family of 8 in total and I love them all very much. I have three brothers; one being the baby of the family and two older sisters, I myself am the fifth youngest child and one of the babies of the family. I have a lovely mom and dad who raised us well and because of circumstances our grandma is living with us now UwU.
Things I find relaxing/enjoyable :

Watching people do stuff they love! Whether it’s restoring old trinkets, cooking, cleaning or otherwise I love watching it as I get relaxed and sleep

The sound of storms and wind

Curling up on others and taking a nap/sleeping

Being Warm

Hearing people laugh

Seeing people succeed
Things Mama Dislikes (눈‸눈):

1. People Messing With My Family/Friends

2. Abortion

3. Liars and Stealers

4. Hearing Babies Left Alone to Cry

5. Being Interrupted

6. The Smell of Alcohol and Cigarettes

7. Bullies

8. Reading (Unless I Find A Rare Good One)

9. Spiders and Almost Any Living Animal

10. Fighting (Especially When It Starts To Get Violent)

11. Most vegetables (unless it’s lettuce, cabbage, spicy peppers or corn on the cob)

12. Most sodas (I only can/like to drink Coke, Cherry Coke, Root Beer and Ginger Ale... but even then I still don’t drink sodas much anymore lol)
Things Mama Loves! <3

1. God/Jesus

2. Family/Friends

3. Babies/Children and The Elderly

4. Her Babies Here on MO

5.I Guess My Husbando

6. Sleeping

7. Snacking

8. Making Others Happy

9. Butts

10. Muscles

11. Men

12. Muscular Women

13. Men That Can Cry/Show Emotion Easily
My weaknesses are:

1. How emotionally sensitive/receptive I can be... but it’s also my greatest strength and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

2. Cute Things (Especially Babies)

3. The sounds of laughing, cooing, adorable babies!

4. Everyone Here on MO

5. Bold/Forward Men

6. Butts and Muscles
I wanna be a cosmetologist in the future... so, when I become one don’t hesitate to call me over so I can do your hair, skincare or whatever you want! I also wanna learn how to cook and bake so I can feed people, especially since I grew up homeless for a time and in poverty all my life. God has blessed me and my family to be around people that truly wanted to help, so I wanna repay that forward to others that are growing up like I did or are stuck in that situation too.
Questions You Might Have:

You: Do the amount of online kids you have translate to what you want irl?

Me: You bet it does! I always knew if I had kids I’d want tons of them
You: Are you married to anyone here... that GD guy?

Me: No! That is a lie that a certain Viking babe might say, but it’s not true XD we actually aren’t even together irl
You: Oh! So are you available

Me: *cricket sounds*
You: Are there any nicknames I can call you?

Me: I am called a couple things here. Ying, Wei, mom, mama, ma, mommy, etc. You can say whatever you want as long as it’s not offensive, rude or cruel feel free to give me a nickname ^-^
Hall of Birthdays:

Sparky- February 14th

Joe (Joemama)/Agent boi- February 19th

Voi (said Voy like the voy for envoy), Dev-Chan, Vesick. Gardevoir_Lovesick- February 27th

Ren, Neo, Qq (said cue-cue), Sai-Sen (Neo Queen Serenity)- March 11th

Baby Chimken- March 22nd

Maddie- April 1st

Ghost Babe- September 12th

My Baby Panda- October 3rd

Shadow- October 16th

Kura/Sakurakiss- October 22nd

My Little Lea- November 22nd

GDMH39- December 15th
Random rhymes I wrote:

(March 2nd or 3rd?) 1. I’m in your bedroom, don’t try to hide. ‘Cause in the end you’ll only be mine

(March 4th. Sat) 2. Name starts with an M. Middle is Rose. Bloom like a Rose petal petals I suppose? Color is yellow, favorite animal is a cat. And just so you know I am half black XD

(March 4th. Sat) 3. Bloom like the red rose in spring. Yeah, I’ll make your heart bloom for me. Can’t escape the charm, ‘cause I am a savage. Take your heart captive? Yeah, I’m a savage

(March 8th. Wed) 4. Seasons come and seasons go. The petals bloom and then fall away, to leave room for new growth and better days

(March 20th. Mon) 5. The joy overrides the pain of the past. My pain is nothing but a lesson for me now. And I am joyous to be living in this moment now

(March 20th. Mon) 6. My joy is bigger than my pain. My courage greater than fear. I am living in the moment, just glad to be here
I hope this was enjoyable? XD I know it’s not too greatly put together, but I had fun that’s for sure! You all make sure to stay safe, happy, healthy and of course lovely as always. <3