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Anybody else play blinx the time Sweeper for the original Xbox? It was surprisingly fun for its time and not going to lie that final Boss Rush to beat the game makes demon souls and blood-borne look easy.

May 24, 21 at 9:26pm


I did play a demo of it way back in the day. It was pretty fun, but I never bought the full game.


I liked the game. The strange thing is that it was something Yuji Naka made who was also the designer of Sonic the Hedgehog. Yuji Naka was contacted because Blinx was supposed to be the Xbox mascot and Microsoft wanted one. That didn't work out so well.


My parents gave it to me as a gift when they gave me the Xbox. It is a pretty fun game but the final Boss Rush is murder. To get to the final boss you have to battle the four harder versions of the four bosses in the game with a ton of challenges like a small Arena that moves around with holes in it that you can fall in the lava or a floating arena with a similar setup but the arena is also ice so you can slip and slide off of it and the arena is gradually destroyed by the boss and a number of other difficulties and that's just to get to the final boss and the final boss can control time as well and uses things such as bombs so he can throw bombs all over the place and freeze you in time right next to one and you can't do anything but wait and watch the bomb go off and you have to be all four of those bosses just to get to the final boss to try and beat him all well following the one hit and you die rule and if you die you have to start the Boss Rush all over again even if you actually get to the final boss and you can't save in between bosses and come back and play it at a later time so it will take you about 30 minutes or so just to even get to the final guy if you're lucky. It's really insane.


Yeah I remember hearing that blinks was supposed to be the original Xbox mascot and that didn't turn out well. Blinks to didn't turn out well either. I don't think it was a good idea to go in a different direction the way they did with the second game. It had its upsides but overall it didn't quite feel the way the first one did.

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