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Jul 06, 21 at 10:57am

Havent you done enough? What do you even gain?


Hey its me PK. I'm justvhere for a day to say hi to my old friends. I like how you still even now have the dratini Pic lol!! At this point it's basically permanent image for you. Like when someone leaves a monitor on for too long and it burns the image permanently on the screen. Yeah man I always enjoyed your down to earth real talk answers in the forums, I'm sure everyone appreciates them because you always say a point of view people tend to overlook. An eye that sees beyond the horizon Inthink that's the best way to explain it. I hope you reach your goals and dreams in life. I'm sure you'll pull through you definitely have the drive to do so. Have a great day

Сячрт @crypt left a comment for ‍Animekid
Jun 26, 21 at 9:32pm

Eh— I'm new here, I'm not sure if I'm doing any of this right, but hey, hope things have been going good on your end. I'd be happy to become friends.

‍Animekid @animekid Welcome to MO. Yeah things are going pretty smooth right now. Just relaxing after work. How about you?
Jun 17, 21 at 1:02pm

well the vaporion has the best defense in the game + acid armor can double it to like 800 def cant be knocked out by phsy attacks

Jun 07, 21 at 3:16am

i love that pokymon one of my favs along w mew2 and the water version of evee vaporion i think?

‍Animekid @animekid I love Dratini as well. It's my favorite Pokemon as well as mewtwo. Yep you got the name right. It's hard not to love all the eevee Pokemon.
May 25, 21 at 10:18pm


‍Animekid @animekid Aww thank you. A friend on here made it for me.

*sees Dororo pre order and clicks*

scottyhot @scottyhot left a comment for ‍Animekid
Apr 15, 21 at 6:48pm


giku23 @giku23 left a comment for ‍Animekid
Mar 24, 21 at 4:12pm

Oh lol

giku23 @giku23 left a comment for ‍Animekid
Mar 22, 21 at 8:23pm

Sorry to hear that

‍Animekid @animekid Thank you, it's all right though, it's got to happen sometime right? The good thing is that I got a lot of years out of it and I wasn't in the middle of any particular game that I really wanted to finish badly. I remember my backwards compatible PS3 died when I was only about 3 hours away at Max from the final boss of Final Fantasy 12. I already had a hundred and twelve hours in the game, now that sucked lol.
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