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okane_o_kudasai left a comment for ‍Animekid
Apr 16, 19 at 7:21pm

Never use this thing on my phone in all honesty, people keep telling me that it's more laggy on phone but I have a lag every day on my PC where I have to refresh after every conversation I have...even now, it's happening. Idk if it's in correlation with the amount of people that you message with at the time or not but yah

‍Animekid Wow this website must be having worse and worse maintenance because it used to be perfectly fine when I used it on the computer but now I only use it on my phone and it's terrible. I have to do everything you just described and to navigate from page to page it usually takes about four or five seconds?
okane_o_kudasai left a comment for ‍Animekid
Apr 16, 19 at 2:37pm

Or maybe it was you huhuhu ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

‍Animekid Hmm that is a very good question but if I told you then that might give you a very good answer that shouldn't be given~
rafaelsanzio left a comment for ‍Animekid
Apr 15, 19 at 7:20pm

‍Animekid What in the world lol
rafaelsanzio this is heaven
[DERP] Charles The Red left a comment for ‍Animekid
Apr 15, 19 at 11:14am

Awesome sauce!

doctorchurchie left a comment for ‍Animekid
Apr 15, 19 at 7:46am

You got your original account back! :D I told you that you would!

The Ghost Who Walks left a comment for ‍Animekid
Apr 15, 19 at 4:24am


The Sleepy Furry left a comment for ‍Animekid
Apr 15, 19 at 3:27am

Welcome back!

‍Animekid Thank chu my furry friend♡
The Sleepy Furry You're welcome fluffy companion. <3
Onizuka left a comment for ‍Animekid
Mar 29, 19 at 9:24am

Glad everything worked out for you.

‍Animekid Thank you. I'm really happy too >~<
Panda-kun ™ left a comment for ‍Animekid
Mar 08, 19 at 4:12pm

Age: hit or miss, i guess you'll never miss huh?
You got a dad but i bet he never kiss ya. (Mwah)
He gon call the FBI and im gon miss ya
Pants go zppt and hit the fap to all your pics huh?

[DERP] Napalm left a comment for ‍Animekid
Feb 18, 19 at 11:14pm

You sure gave me a good laugh before - I needed that. Glad to see some things haven't changed like you being a moron or really petty. Like did you really have to go on and on about this little spat or whatever? You might have a little bit of guts to you now but you still don't really have the brains. If you were going to ignore her you shoulda just done so ya dunce - why make the spectacle out of it?

You didn't think I'd forget all about your fuck ups did you? Not that I'd really know at first either way but I know you're not dumb enough to lie to me and expect that to end well.

‍Animekid Honestly I made no such comment or interest about ignoring her myself. It was her own stupidity and hypocrisy as a moderator not to mention her own asinine comments about anime that were completely wrong as a fact that made me want to keep going over these last few days. Well that and the fact that she was completely oblivious to everything she did wrong and what she thought I wanted as evidenced by last night. She was wrong and almost every single way and continues to be wrong. I never seen someone so blind to fact and reason. As my father would say, "I don't do well with stupid".
‍Animekid If it was just you and me I can already see that this would have been cleared up and we would have gone our separate ways much, much sooner. I really wouldn't be surprised take care of that she doesn't even see her own culpability in the huge drama we just created last night.
‍Animekid To see that see doesn't even see*
BZ Substitute If it makes you feel better she is the reason I left MO for 2 Weeks. Sorry that she hurt you Kid.
‍Animekid Wow I didn't expect her to be the one who made you leave. Honestly she's really changed in my opinion. She used to be really open and caring but now she's really rough and rude to people. Basically what happened between us was for a couple of days she tried to get me into the base with her despite knowing that I didn't want to and then she did and so I made one low blow comment about being able to see why her boyfriend dumped her over a year ago and because of that she said I was disgusting and she threw away over two years of friendship and said she doesn't even want to acknowledge my existence pretty much. She's not the person I think we all remembered
BZ Substitute I used to consider her my best friend, now it feels like your just a nuisance to her. Like how dare you talk to her and expect her to share how her life is and care about how your life is.
‍Animekid Yeah I know you mean. She's really hypocritical. She talks about how people should thank her for cutting down spam as a moderator but she's spams all the damn time, she told me to get over our argument but then admitted that she wasn't going to and she was going to hold the grudge. She even goes so far as to make comments about how people shouldn't talk about things they don't know everything about and then she goes and makes comments about situations that she doesn't know half the story about. When she first joined I remembered her being a lot more caring about things and people. She was one of the nicer people here
BZ Substitute She was one of the nicest people on the site and the best friend you could ask for but its like shes a entirely different person.
‍Animekid I'm glad that I'm not the only one who sees that. I know I've been gone for a while but it seemed to happen after she disappeared and then suddenly came back and became very active again. I'm guessing that she must have gone through something serious to mess her up like that or rather to change her personality such. I mean even Napalm saw how I was right and he thinks that I'm a spineless coward. You know something is wrong if Napalm agrees with me against somebody else. It's really sad when you see someone changed so drastically and not for the better.
BZ Substitute I do not like to presume about others personal life. She knows if she opened up to me I would of talked to her about it but she shuts me out of course im gonna be depressed. I mean how can you keep a friendship with someone that wont tell you whats up with them anymore? Its really depressing but she is different.
‍Animekid I know but there's no way getting through to someone who doesn't care to open or change their viewpoint. It seems like now she just prefers to internalize everything and there's nothing we can do to change that.
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