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Dyadka Yar

Last online about 5 hours ago
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Apr 29, 24 at 6:24pm
1. I shall take my older sister. If the kid is in pain then I need someone with medical experience. If you leave the medical stuff to me it is going to end with lost limbs and infection. 2. Not sure how many push ups. 100 decline pushups are a warmup for a chest workout. 3. No clue as to how fast a mile can go for me. Will have to test it out. 4. Easily. I used to be able to lift double my weight. A shoulder injury sent me back a bit so right now I hover in at a 385 lb bench press. 5. Nope. Still need water wings. New questions: 1. The bag shall contain my AK rifle, my big ass Krauser knife, the spam can of ammunition, a pouch of plastic beads in many colors, and a water boiling vessel. 2. Give me the ox. Going to need it to haul all sorts of nonsense. 3. The shopkeeper. The shopkeeper has the gossip in the town. The sherrif and mayor are not as trusted sources of information and the doctor is useless. 4. That is why I brought the plastic beads. To us plastic beads are garbage, but to a primitive, it is a mysterious material that cannot be found anywhere. I can use it to barter for good information and supplies. 5. Feels fine. Nothing I haven't dealt with before. Sorry for the formating, my phone is not cooperating.