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Lovelygirl @acrank left a comment for dyadka_yar
Sep 28, 20 at 1:17pm

tell K A M I I S D E A D死にたい to unblock me

Darque @nebelstern left a comment for dyadka_yar
Sep 17, 20 at 6:00pm

The Virgin Quico:

- Envious to anything El Chavo has and needs to display superiority, only to get beaten afterwards
- Gets pinched by Don Ramon and beaten by El Chavo
- Mentor is Master Sausage, a pacifist pedagogue
- Sissy mariner outfit
- Pampered by his Karen mom
- Doesn't beat Señor Barriga or his son
- Never insulted Master Sausage
- Doesn't get a kiss from Paty

El Chad Chavo:
- Humble, can LARP Counter Strike with a broom
- Rarely gets beaten by Quico. Ramon's punches build up his resilience
- Mentor is Gigachad Ramon, who teaches him the value of hard work despite hating it
- Almighty dirty outfit, fitting of a homeless boy
- Relies on no one and has a barrel as his hideout
- Beats both Barriga and his cannonball son Ñoño
- Makes sure to make Master Sausage listen to his insults after everyone quiets down
- Gets kissed by Paty

Onizuka @averageboss left a comment for dyadka_yar
Sep 09, 20 at 8:03am

Sending you a friend request so I can PM your code to you.

Oliver @gvbhnim left a comment for dyadka_yar
Aug 17, 20 at 6:14pm

f r i e e e n d s s


My BMI is 32 % which is obese and I haven't looked up my lean body weight. I currently weight 239 and I'm trying to lose 40 lbs, I'm counting my calories and cutting them down to 2,100 though maybe a bit more. Which is a big cut, my job is semi active at times, like today I've been lifting 50 pounds of buckets all day and I did the same yesterday. My lunches are around 200ish calories, basically spinach, turkey bacon and turkey but I'm gonna switch that out for chicken patties next week since the patties have 30 grams of protein compared to 12ish from lunch. My dinners are not that bad though, either turkey meatballs or something lower end.


I did just buy a vegan pb one for more fiber and it has 20 grams of protein. Though it's probably more so food wise for me, oh Lord good luck on the legs my dude , I'll take that into consideration though, I think I need to get at least 140 g but a estimate is 200 for me but idk I'll have to get a feel for it


Just at work, trying to do some calculation for how much protein I need to be getting in, what I wanna eat and how much I'm burning. How was work and whatcha training on today? I also wanna make this

CallmeNarcy @theghoulieleader I think I'm currently in a protein defeciency which might be why I'm not making the progress I want and I'm cutting a bit more then I should but I gain weight really fast

How goes it dude!


I think its natural mucus but it could just be a summer cold or something. My mouth has been super dehydrated lately and i've been sleepy too.

Ms MissUnderstanding @swadian left a comment for dyadka_yar
Ms MissUnderstanding @swadian
Aug 10, 20 at 3:55pm

At those temps, my blood would probably freeze, I have already have gone on temps under 0 Celsius and it was bone chilling