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space cadet

120 year old Male
Last online about 1 month ago
Under the bridge,
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GameOver left a comment for space cadet
Feb 16, 20 at 5:35pm
This account has been suspended.
ƈɦɛɛȶօ left a comment for space cadet
Feb 05, 20 at 7:24pm


space cadet You posted on my wall again! Last time you did this was well over a year ago when you asked me if I'd be your friend to talk about gaming! At that time a close friend of mine told me you were harassing her, so I ignored you... but you came back shortly after to ask me again if I'd be friends with you. That took a lot of courage! I still declined, but I appreciated it! I figured you had a grudge against me ever since and that's why you spread so many lies about me? I understand that I hurt your feelings, and I feel bad for telling you I didn't wanna be your friend. It took a lot of courage, and for that I'm proud of ya!!
Marcus left a comment for space cadet
Feb 02, 20 at 9:35am

this too

space cadet Smashing Pumpkins are goooooooooooood
Marcus left a comment for space cadet
Jan 29, 20 at 3:26pm


Jan 27, 20 at 11:41pm

One day, my dead body will be on the local news, and this cat will be responsible...

Jan 10, 20 at 12:12am

Istfg the dudes on this site that are completely oblivious that the smoking hot new girls that keep popping up on this site that they hit on are fake accounts... xDDDDDD

Panda-kun™ Truuuue aint no hot grill gonna be on this site, who do they think they are fooling. All the semi decent girls dont even stick around cuz the creept guys mess with them and creep them out
Marcus I'm still here tho :0
Dec 29, 19 at 11:48pm

anthonela left a comment for space cadet
Dec 20, 19 at 12:08am

Your song, tiny dancers, rocketman(is my fav)

Underground, all the young dudes, Lazarus, space oddity(is my fav) starman also good

anthonela left a comment for space cadet
Dec 18, 19 at 1:07am

Yuss I do like Elton John and David Bowie

Tarja left a comment for space cadet
Dec 18, 19 at 1:03am

Oh ya! The best i ever played with. XD Getting all golds and potg the whole time. Wish i was good as you. Lmao

space cadet I HAVEN'T EVEN USED MY MAIN ON PC YET... not using her til I get comfortable using the stupid keyboard... >_>
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