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What game are you currently playing?

I'm finishing up Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. I like older puzzle games. How about yourself?
Dec 10, 15 at 8:45am
nice name. anyway i'm currently playing fnv on steam
All I play lately is Mortal Kombat (the 9th game). I'm also playing A link between worlds on my 3DS if that counts.
A mixture of F4,BF3 and star wars battlefront.
Guild Wars 2 mostly. Occasionally Fatal Frame 5 and Star Ocean: The Last Hope.
Currently making my way slowly through Fallout 4 (the mainstream answer;)) with big bouts of studying as I have my last 2 exams on Saturday. But after that I'm gonna sit in my boxers and play till I go blind and get some serious Dorito fingers. You know, for the ladies.
Dec 10, 15 at 10:07am
Attempting to juggle Xenoblade Chronicles and the FF7 on PS4.
Bloodbourne, and Fallout 4. I can't seem to make much progress in Bloodbourne though. Even though I have beaten Dark souls 2, I would have to say, Bloodbourne is way harder.
Tetris. It's so addicting. Also, use the beckoning bell in Bloodborne and call for help. Makes things way easier if you're having trouble progressing.
Cecil, how's the new FF7?
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