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What game are you currently playing?

Dec 10, 15 at 7:11am

I'm finishing up Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom.
I like older puzzle games.
How about yourself?

Dec 10, 15 at 8:45am

nice name. anyway
i'm currently playing fnv on steam

°•°•BlueBass•°•°Hamstein commented on What game are you currently playing?
Dec 10, 15 at 9:02am

All I play lately is Mortal Kombat (the 9th game). I'm also playing A link between worlds on my 3DS if that counts.


A mixture of F4,BF3 and star wars battlefront.

Dec 10, 15 at 9:36am

Guild Wars 2 mostly. Occasionally Fatal Frame 5 and Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

Dec 10, 15 at 9:45am

Currently making my way slowly through Fallout 4 (the mainstream answer;)) with big bouts of studying as I have my last 2 exams on Saturday. But after that I'm gonna sit in my boxers and play till I go blind and get some serious Dorito fingers. You know, for the ladies.


Attempting to juggle Xenoblade Chronicles and the FF7 on PS4.

Dec 10, 15 at 11:01am

Bloodbourne, and Fallout 4. I can't seem to make much progress in Bloodbourne though. Even though I have beaten Dark souls 2, I would have to say, Bloodbourne is way harder.

Dec 10, 15 at 11:24am

Tetris. It's so addicting. Also, use the beckoning bell in Bloodborne and call for help. Makes things way easier if you're having trouble progressing.

Mushi-shi commented on What game are you currently playing?
Dec 10, 15 at 12:26pm

Cecil, how's the new FF7?

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