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Hi looking for a friend?
Jul 08, 19 at 12:26am
now thats a cute profile picture
Ohad @ohad left a comment for MewMew(─‿‿─)
Mar 01, 18 at 2:32pm
Creating animations....what kind of animations? Do you do pixel art by chance?
@Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 That isn't super common on the trans women side of things. On the trans men side of things that is true. There are some good examples of trans men being thrown into women's sport and they absolutely dominated the match. There are also many examples of trans women who lost multiple times competing in women's sports but the one time they win a match then everyone all of a sudden care about women's sports. Now I agree that a trans woman needs to have had been on HRT for a year or two to be allowed to compete. HRT really does change one's body over time... like it really does. Example: I used to a be a buff marine before I started HRT, now I'm your Jenny down the block with wet noodle arms after years of taking hormones and not really working out. Right... cause that totally isn't going to get a Karen to call the cops on you. I suppose your right but the threat of violence is definitely something to consider when you are trans. I am not the voice of the trans community but I do know for a fact that 90% of every trans woman I have talked to avoid women's spaces like the plague for a lot of very real reasons. Like I'll take a UTI over the stress of using the woman's bathroom any day. At least the first time I was on this site it had a ton of alt-right peeps. Like Argue-A-Mole but like you don't get a cool prize and they send you death threats. Maybe things have changed.
Hmmmm seems to be a lot of red pillers in here. Not surprised in the slightest as it anime communities are a mixed bunch. You can either meet some really cool people or some like hyper alt-right folks. Probably a can of worms I'm about to open up but meh. Unpopular Opinion - Trans women should be allowed to play in women's sports and be allowed in women's spaces.