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M u g i ❤ @stellalina left a comment for Ohad
Mar 18, 18 at 6:25pm

Hahahaha League is fun but I;m bad at it and hentai is pretty noice. CUTE HAMMAHAM!

Mar 18, 18 at 3:09pm

I realized in the past days that I see logging into this site and going through the conversations to keep myself up to date is more of a chore than a "fun time".

Therefore, I will most likely log in FAR less, if at all.

Mar 15, 18 at 5:54pm

Thanks for getting me and darkangel02 together~~

He has the most beautiful purple hair and is so muscular... just like Sinbad from Magi~~

He is truly my dream guy ^&^

darkangel02 @darkangel02 left a comment for Ohad
Mar 15, 18 at 5:52pm

Hey dude, legit question, but have you ever dabbed hard asf before? Not like that weak shit, but you know, really powerful fucking dab. If you have, let me know, thanks.

Mar 13, 18 at 6:55pm

When you look at the time, know you need to go to sleep but don't want to leave in the middle of a forum conversation (thinks about Random Chatter).

I bet tomorrow I'll have another 20 pages of reading.

FlashYellow @flashyellow left a comment for Ohad
Mar 11, 18 at 10:53pm

Lols sorry about that. xD

Tab @tabwater left a comment for Ohad
Mar 11, 18 at 6:55pm

That's pretty dedicated. I could need that in my life but with those table flipping emotes. I love these haha

Mar 11, 18 at 6:49pm

Well, time to sleep.
Again, yes I know I know.

Tab @tabwater left a comment for Ohad
Mar 11, 18 at 6:46pm

Actually impressed how fast you answered with that emote. Do you have a macro for that or what ? xD