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M u g i ❤

26 year old Female
Likes: Males
Last online 25 days ago
Los Angeles, CA
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syrex left a comment for M u g i ❤
May 11, 19 at 12:33pm

I also love Astronomy! <3 I will always have a special place for it in my heart!

dahtguy333 left a comment for M u g i ❤
May 06, 19 at 6:46pm

Love your profile! You sound very upbeat, haha

Audio-oniisama left a comment for M u g i ❤
Apr 19, 19 at 7:11pm

Hi. Thanks for the request.

Panda-kun ™ left a comment for M u g i ❤
Apr 19, 19 at 6:53pm

Thanks for the request

joner left a comment for M u g i ❤
Feb 06, 19 at 7:17am


Neverland left a comment for M u g i ❤
Dec 29, 18 at 12:51am

I'm sure there are plenty of people who want to be pals w/ you if you only give them the chance. I understand it's kind of hard w/ real life and the like. I think b/c technology has been on the rise, people don't really interact in real life as much anymore. Plus if you've watched the news over the years, or paid attention to the media women power and lgbt rights have become stronger scaring men into trying to interact w/ the other gender much anymore. Girl's now hold a lot of power and know what they want in life (reminds me of my sisters ~_~).

I think what you're doing now is a kind of good idea of trying to combine old fashioned dating w/ online tools. Plus through talking on the phone or online interactions I think you could build a solid relationship that could extend to the real world... (I'm a hypocrite of sorts though, since I don't wholly believe in this lol). I mean would you want to go on a date w/ a guy you met at the coffee shop and had a 5 min conversation w/ or a guy you've been chatting w/ for over 5 months online? But yea, I do totally agree w/ you that there are trust issues along the way, but I'm sure there's ways to overcome them. I'm not quite sure on the whole unrequited feelings thing if you've only met them for 5 mins before, could just be physical attraction or lust. I think unrequited feelings generate more from a friendship, which is what I think you're looking for o.O.

Also my "old-fashioned" methods are bride-kidnapping or arranged marriages ~_~... It's a good thing my parents moved to the states or I'd have 30 kids by now and own a rice plantation.

Neverland Wow, just came across this again. Dang, it's been a while pal. I'm surprised I wrote much to someone back in 2018.
Neverland left a comment for M u g i ❤
Dec 29, 18 at 12:06am

o.O... weeeeell there are thirsty guys on here and the male to female ratio is highly disproportionate. It makes finding buds (for guys) sometimes difficult since some guys I talk to are only imagining me w/ boobs and a v. Plus there's many ladies who are going for ladies too. The poor suckers (guys) have so much competition. smh.

Idk holmes your profile makes you seem like shark bait to the swarm of beasts in the sea. It's probably a good thing you aren't so active on this site ~___~

Neverland Hello me lol.
Dec 28, 18 at 6:33pm

Merii Kuri minna!! And Happi New Year!!

Neverland left a comment for M u g i ❤
Dec 23, 18 at 2:50am

Your innocence rating is way too high. After reading your profile I now see why you have so many friends ~___~

michaeledmunds left a comment for M u g i ❤
Dec 06, 18 at 4:29am

Hello :3 I'm wondering if you're still active and looking? I find your profile interesting, and would like to get to know you if that's alright. :D