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M u g i ❤

28 year old Female
Last online 12 months ago
Los Angeles, CA
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Hi, I’m from San Bernadino. Heard you liked fighting games. I currently am playing Soul Calibur 6. I highly recommend it if you are into anime. If you are playing on PS4 maybe we will cross swords online sometime. My call sign is the same as my tag here. Hope to see you there.

Kei @keien left a comment for M u g i ❤
Feb 09, 20 at 12:12am

Came because one of my favorite shiba instagram dogs is named Mugi. Stayed because of a incredibly rare sighting of S4 League!

This account has been suspended.
Jan 23, 20 at 9:23am

Ahh, a fellow chocoholic I see. What do you believe is the best % of cacao that a chocolate bar should contain?

M u g i ❤ @stellalina I have no idea I like 70% Dark chocolate? I like all chocolates tho maybe thats why I don't really know LOL
wolfofwolves @wolfofwolves That a pretty good answer. Personally I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate. But if I'm craving some dark chocolate I go for a 90% bar. If I'm having more of a sweet tooth moment then I go for a 40-70%. If I'm just craving chocolate I go for anything as long as it's not white chocolate.

Yo, Mugi been awhile. So, what's been new these days? xP

M u g i ❤ @stellalina Nothing much honestly ; - ;
永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1 Well... I've been getting into a few of the older Final Fantasy games. Friend of mine is a pretty big fan and figured I'd finally give em a try. xP
M u g i ❤ @stellalina You'll like them I'm sure! ^^
永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1 Yeah, so far they're pretty good games from what I can tell.... I actually like IX quite a bit so far.
Neverland @dakoya left a comment for M u g i ❤
Dec 29, 19 at 7:05pm

Hey Mugi, I hope you have been surviving the crazy storms and fire outbreaks in CA. I've been working at my first "post_graduation" job lol.

M u g i ❤ @stellalina I am thankfully thank you so much for worrying about me! ^-^
Neverland @dakoya Well listening to some Imagine by John Lennon makes a person a bit soulful lol.
Nov 26, 19 at 3:04am

Hey Mugi! How's it going? ^_^


Aye you wanna play some s4 league again. I'm rusty on battle snipin but I think I'll hold up ok.

Nov 12, 19 at 11:23am

what you been up to in life ?

Nov 01, 19 at 11:53pm

So I heard you wish traps could be straight?

Uh... H-Hi? owo Nice to meet you, I'm Avie, a straight trap :P