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Last online 13 days ago
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Jessie left a comment for Neverland
Jun 13, 19 at 2:34pm

I hope you do feel good about finishing it, even though you didn't feel like you added much. Did it feel good at the presentation?

I understand that feeling, hehe. ^u^ How's the job search going as of now? Since I've been very late on the reply I was wondering. But, anyway I think you'll make more then a million a year and have about 20+ kids at least, hehe.

Been having some time to relax, just waiting on what date I will be working next week or in 2 weeks, not sure. Was gonna start this week, but things got in the way. I did the last exam and presentation about a week ago and it feels nice ^u^

M u g i ❤ left a comment for Neverland
Jun 12, 19 at 1:12am

That is so true It is really strange! I am so sorry about that.. I saw you were last online recently so hopefully we can catch each other!

hydrolysis left a comment for Neverland
Jun 11, 19 at 4:21pm

That's understandable, it is intimidating. It sucks when you're not totally into the work you're doing when there's no more long breaks like there used to be in school. I find that even if the job isn't always enjoyable there's still some comfort in routine. Having a lot of free time is nice for awhile but then it comes with its own set of problems. I'm sure you'll find a job, things may take time but remaining optimistic is important when you're at a stage of your life where things are changing. I know that's easier said than done but I think keeping the mindset at the very least does some good or else you get lost in despair.

elhaym left a comment for Neverland
Jun 10, 19 at 1:07pm

Ohh it's kinda the same here right now. Hot but humid. Luckily, I have a very good mosquito hunter in my house where I'm living. She (the cat) will chase the annoying mosquitos until she has eat'em. What kind of Theme Park would you like to visit? Yes I have ^-^ this summer, I will meet my boyfriend. He'll came over to Germany when I have my vacation :) How about you? Do you have any plans?

Crysie left a comment for Neverland
Jun 10, 19 at 12:12am

Helloo, hope you're doing well and it's nice to meet you~

kojiro00 left a comment for Neverland
Jun 09, 19 at 5:37pm

So the apple headquarters is in Cupertino, California. Here is a little sample of what we do here.

elhaym That looks tasty!
Manga_bird left a comment for Neverland
Jun 08, 19 at 1:30am

Honestly? 7/11 are just a convenience store, only really good if you're looking for instant noodles and snacks, nothing special. Well, there's little point in watching TV in a country where you don't speak the language. Unless there is an English channel you're stuck ahaha. Also yes, I prefer sweets, which Asia doesn't tend to do as well as the UK. The chocolate isn't as sweet, and the cakes aren't as spongy.

TheSailingTeacup left a comment for Neverland
Jun 07, 19 at 12:17am

hah not sure where you got that idea from! Sorry for the late reply. The new notification system doesn't tell me everything anymore.

How are you doing? Anything new?

Neka~ left a comment for Neverland
Jun 07, 19 at 12:01am

That bed and breakfast was in the middle of the city, so doubt any serial killers would show up there XD Dang, sounds like me XD Oh yees, I'm excited :3 Lol I don't snore, but I drool X/ Yeep! Cosplaying everyday day ^^

Panda-kun ™ left a comment for Neverland
Jun 06, 19 at 7:24pm

Tbh if robots did all the work life would be super dull and boring. Imagine never having to do anything ever again. Like you know when you have a super long weekend and ur bored because you have nothing to do...imagine that all year long XD