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28 year old Male
Last online 3 minutes ago
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finalone75 left a comment for Neverland
about 1 hour ago

Not really, just different calibers and models. Wife left me and took a few as part of the separation. There are quite a few I still want to get. They are all different types and ways to shoot. And depending on ammo size it can get pretty pricey.

about 1 hour ago

I apologize if you haven't gotten my dm. The chat feature isn't working for me.

Riku a Qtie left a comment for Neverland
about 3 hours ago

Sounds good.

Neverland You don't seem as active on this site anymore holmes. You used to greet a ton of members. I think that's one of the things I liked about you holmes, b/c I tend to do the same. Nowadays I don't see you posting on the threads or on ppl's pages as much. I kind of miss seeing you being active holmes. Well I guess I just want to say it's sad to see you not as happy anymore.
Riku a Qtie Thing is, I had to CONSTANTLY deal with lame asses and drama filled people so I just stopped wanting to interact. Last girl I liked on here made me stop being interesting in dating and romance in general, made me stop wanting to socialize and made me realize I have fun just doing things on my own then getting to know people. People don't mean shit to me anymore and I like not having to worry or want constant attention from strangers who couldn't care if you lived or died.
Neverland Ah, that's sad to hear holmes. I feel like this little stumble shouldn't make you give up on all the other great people out there who are waiting to meet you. But yea, I don't know how deep your pain is, so I can only wait on the side and hope you can come back and be that cool cat, who I met someday. I guess it's also b/c I don't really have any expectation of people, so I don't get hurt and the like. If flying solo helps you out holmes, then I'll leave ya to it, but I'll still drop by sometimes, cuz I still consider you awesome pal man. You're still the first bro I met on here and the first to post on my wall. Someone who I can actually get along w/ even though we aren't always on the same page. I'll always remember that m8!
Neka~ left a comment for Neverland
about 3 hours ago

Yeah, I like to stay somewhat smooth whenever I can be ^^' I never liked the way I looked with facial hair, so I've always shaved my face. Yeah it was fun for the time I did it, but it's more of a mode of transportation now then a sport (or extreme sport). Hokey looks like fun to play, but it's too aggressive for me lol. I played the trumpet and hated it lol, I should've been a woodwind player. You learn the fundamentals of acting, rehearsal exercises, you read scripts and put on performances for the class and the teacher gives you feedback in your performance. That's basically it, though there's more to it then that.

emilyb2231 left a comment for Neverland
about 3 hours ago

I do listen to some Kpop, I havent listened to a lot of groups honestly but there are some I really like. As for shows I havent seen any, I'm not sure where to start. Any recommendations?

Infinity left a comment for Neverland
about 5 hours ago

That s probably because it didnt seem to post the first reply so I rewrote it, probably just didnt appear straight away. Well, Magi had it s share of deaths, though not as many as you might expect, which was really nice for me since I tend to avoid animes with a boatload of characters dying. That sounds interesting about Mr Robot, sometimes it s nice seeing fragile characters manage to pull through (have no idea what happens through the series though but it would still be nice to see that)

Jessie left a comment for Neverland
about 8 hours ago

I hope you can feel less stressed when you get the chance at break, so, you don't "crash" or what you would say. I'm sorry if you don't get your double degree, but, I'm rooting for you, hoping that you'll get both, including finishing those two classes. There's a lot of hoping here (sorry that it is repetitive), I hope you won't feel lonely that week. Just so you have something to do and you'll be fine ^u^

Then we are on different sides on that points, I mean it usually drains me and almost never "gives me energy", hehe. :O

Maybe someday your favourite dinosaur will show its face again, and then you'll know which one it is ^u^

all_spite left a comment for Neverland
about 8 hours ago

Sounds like the stuff of dreams honestly there's just no way to do that without money

Marcus left a comment for Neverland
about 9 hours ago

I guess you could say that's part of the story xd

Aaah! That inescapable, notorious middle-school chunibyo-ism! haha xD
See, your ideas might have been selfish, but at least they were practical!
All I could think of back then was devouring filthy infidels with with the holy flame of justice! >:D
(just ott pyromancy here, nothing to look at :v)

Kogarashi Uchiha left a comment for Neverland
about 10 hours ago

Working mostly til I start my degree. Yeah I like european football, manchester united fan all the way lol. I have little to no knowledge of american football other than they play in london occationally. Which teams are good? I do try to follow basketball and like the Knicks. Maddison square garden was amazing to see. I didn't realise you were from the states, what part are you from?