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hydrolysis @hydrolysis left a comment for Neverland
Aug 13, 20 at 12:02am

wtf 70lbs is insane.. Also I just do 2D drawings. I'm interested in learning 3D modeling. Yeah I figured if I worked at the casino it would moreso be food or stock related since I already have bad lungs. I am going to school now again, I'm going for a psychology so we'll see how that goes. Sorry I disappear for months at a time dsiushdf I hope you're doing alright! What's happened recently?

Manga_bird @manga_bird left a comment for Neverland
Aug 02, 20 at 3:07am

Honestly no, either I don't try them or they are as bad or underwhelming as I expect them to be.

Jessie @erendel left a comment for Neverland
Jun 09, 20 at 6:27am

As the time of writing this I'm more or less done with my thesis. Yesterday I turned in revisions on the report I had to do. Hopefully the revisions will be accepted and then I'm done with my education. Most of my classes was online from Mars and onwards.

How's the lockdown like now? Have it been lifted or just to some degree? How have you been doing these past 2 months? Work been good? Have you been able to go outside more now?

Apr 30, 20 at 1:11am

sorry, been afk for a while.
and rhubarb pie tastes great, you should try it out yeee!!!!

pikavu06 @pikavu06 left a comment for Neverland
Apr 26, 20 at 10:14am

Thanks I hope you're staying safe too, I get what you mean! Being outside would be really nice but so far I can only go out into my yard because I have two dogs. I love kids though! My nephew lives in an area where they are on a serious watch, so I can't see him. My days have been good though lol.

pikavu06 @pikavu06 left a comment for Neverland
Apr 06, 20 at 2:58pm

I would like to think so ^^!

Jessie @erendel left a comment for Neverland
Mar 14, 20 at 12:35pm

How many years of experience would you need in order to get a job at these positions? Hope it isn't to many years : (

I sent in my application this tuesday and I'll get a response on it the 23rd this month. Once 30th hits I'll start working on my thesis, if it's approved.

It's nice spring is coming along and fighting the winter until it yields. Hopefully you won't get sick or catch the covid-19. : ( For how long would you work at home? The government hasn't done very much, but gatherings over 500 people are prohibited and visiting nursing homes for elderly, along with some minor quarantines here and there. I don't know everything they have done, but these are some of the things. Stay safe. : (


I feel you...

Elgardiel @maxkarateboy left a comment for Neverland
Mar 05, 20 at 6:02pm

Yo, Sorry for the late replay.
Yeah I moved to uk ... about 12 years ago ;)
God I have not been here for ages (busy life xD)

Are you all good sir?

sweettaku @sweettaku left a comment for Neverland
Mar 02, 20 at 10:04am

Babies always getting all of the attention lol. Hey at least ou got to meet your relatives whom you might not seeen in sometime. I bet that one kid that still in high school felt out of place with so many grow ups. That true once we get to that age we just have to hope for the best and plan our lives.