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Forever alone?

Mar 20, 18 at 7:08am
Does the idea of being single for the rest of your life bother you? Or would you say you've grown to accept it?
Mar 20, 18 at 7:39am
I'm not really scared. It's more of a desperate wish that I really want to come truth. I really like to feel in love, I love the butterflies in my stomach. I think I'm scared of never being able to love again, not die alone.
Mar 20, 18 at 8:06am
I've made peace with the fact that I could be alone for the rest of my life, however, that doesn't mean I won't try to find somebody.
IT does scare me cuz I don't want to be alone forever. I want a guy and me to fall in love. Make it through our problems and get stronger together. One year marry and hopefully have a kid, and nice family home. The reality is though if I do end up alone I am forced to accept that empty part of my life.
Mar 20, 18 at 8:57am
Considering, time is essentially ticking away. Yeah kinda. Circumstances are a pain. For the most part over the years... Anyone my age is taken, or not interested. Now, anyone my age is either taken, uninterested, or if they ARE single and interested, are not willing to have a family (i am a family person) Im also getting to the age that even slightly younger are less interested... dont help most people are just after friends and not much else (which isnt a problem, honest) dont help those looking. Am i afraid of it? A little, not as much now as its getting closer to how its just gonna be.
Yeah the thought of being forever alone does sorta bother me. I mean i like being alone but at the same time i wanna experience love. Its a nice feeling you know? Like no matter what life throws at you everything will be ok as long as you have the person you love at your side. But at the rate things are going im not sure anymore. Maybe as time goes on i wont really care anymore and i will be like one of those crazy cat ladies that are fine as long as they have their cats
Yeah I agree with Kameiya on that feeling. For me I have always screwed up (still am). No girl is gonna want anything to do with me. I am not rich, not athletic, not funny, and apparently not good enough to make someone happy all the time.
Mar 20, 18 at 12:33pm
I'm scared either way the. Life is scary. I'm scared of giving myself to someone and of keeping to myself.
Cero @cero commented on Forever alone?
Mar 20, 18 at 12:34pm
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Mar 20, 18 at 12:41pm
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