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*Derpette* Kameiya

30 year old Female
Last online about 10 hours ago
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Can anyone guess what cosplay character I dressed up as???

kuroK Yassssss finally got the piccc and with Ryuk thats soo cool!!!!!!
*Derpette* Kameiya Only one person in that whole con knew whaty cosplay was. Can you guys guess who I am?
kuroK if im right its from one of my favorite shows. Mizore Shirayuki? if not no clue..........
funmusicorn it's funny cause i believe you told me your cosplays, and i don't remember/know WHO it is XD
*Derpette* Kameiya Lol music. Then we can play together.
Aug 13, 19 at 2:45am

Am I seen as life walks by towards the shiny things in life?
Am I seen as I'm thrown into the shadows of this world?
Am I seen as I watch the light be reached for?
Am I seen as no one cares to look my way?
Can I see myself as I sink deeper into my darkness?

Aug 13, 19 at 2:14am

The sound of falling rain echoed throughout the city. A young woman lay on the concrete of a back alley with half closed eyes. Her dark brown eyes were slowly losing the light of life in them as the collected puddles of rain stained red with her blood.
How did my life exist with such emptiness? Now I'm going to die with nothing left behind in life for myself. Might as well fade away. I have nothing to live for anyways. She thought as the rain beat down on her.
Soft footsteps splashed as a figure walked towards the dieing woman. The woman's eyes slid towards the figure with no emotion.
Leave me be. She silently told the one who had stopped at the foot of her head.
"What a bloody mess you have fallen into." The soft voice of a man said.
The voice sounded so distant as the woman started to slip into unconsciousness. The man crouched down and picked the woman up into his arms. He had the hood of his light jacket up and obscuring most of his face.
Feeling lighter the woman lay her head against his shoulder as he carried her off, then blackness overcame her.
(still on Earth)
The sound of crickets echoed in the mind of the woman as her conciousness trickled back to her body. Her vision was fuzzy as her eyes opened, but she could acknowledge the noise around her as she moved her head to the right. She felt something soft under her as she moved.
"So the dead decided to come back to the living. Though given the look in your eyes you might as well have died." The voice of a male sounded close to her side.
Blinking several times she tried to rid herself of her fuzzy vision.
"Who are you?" Her voice cracked as she whispered her question.
"The one who kept you from dieing." He answered monotonely.
"You should have just let me die. It's not like my death would have been mourned in the end." Her vision cleared up finally and she saw the man sitting on a hardwood floor of a run down shack. Droplets of water fell through the holes of the tiny holes of the ceiling of the shack they were in.
"Why should the mourning of another determine the reason for you to live or die?' the man asked roughly.
The man still had the hood of his grey, blue sweater up so the woman couldn't make out his face. She could at least tell he was about 6 foot and slightly slender with a broad like chest. The woman tried to sit up, but fell back down in pain as her body refused to collect enough energy for such a simple task. Holding her side she hissed in pain.
"I could only stitch up that stab wound of yours so moving around is a bad idea. You risk opening the stitches and bleeding out again." The man warned her.
"Lovely." She murmured sarcastically.
"That wound was obviously from a blade with how clean cut the flesh was. Was someone out to kill you?" He asked as he wrapped his left arm around his left leg.
"No. I just walked in front of a fleeing thief at the wrong time. He freaked out at my unexpected presence and stabbed me before running away again. No human has strong enough feelings for me to waste the time it would take to kill me." She said somblerly as she stared at the ceiling.
About a minute passed before the woman spoke again, "why did you bother saving me?"
"I felt like it." The man answered simply.
Looking at the man again the woman barely had any kind of an expression on her face.
The man stood and walked towards the door.
"Where are you going?" She asked.
"I desire to explore this strange city and hopefully find my way back from where I first started. I left food and water that should last two days for you by the mattress you are laying on. Don't move too much. I will not return to help you again. Whether you want to keep living or just die off is completely up to you." He said before he opened the door to the shack and left.
"Right. It is up to me." The woman murmured as she shielded her eyes with her left arm, and fought back the weighing depression that toxicated her whole being.

Aug 12, 19 at 10:17am

Advice that should be taken to heart.


Remember to send your cat to Mexico, no other country
Thks :D

*Derpette* Kameiya My cat! *Hisses*
[ภєк๏] Rafael Sanzio *gasp in mexican*
[ภєк๏] ᎶᎴ๓h39 .... ehm you know I'm the owner of neko paRADISE... your cat is in my good hands... OwO
[ภєк๏] Rafael Sanzio dont you want your cat to have a sombrero and drink tequila and be happy all the time? :(
*Derpette* Kameiya Neither one of you boys gets to have my kitty. My kitty loves me and is very happy here with me. I'm her own little paradise.
Aug 11, 19 at 9:56pm

Things go wrong.
Reality knocks one for a loop.
Humanity could care less.
An empty life full of questionable doubt.
To be a lone wolf without even trying.
Howls of frustration and despair fills the night sky.
No one but myself to pull me up.
I battle life just to find strength to move forward.
This world is unfair due to the ones who make it so.
This world might not be worth living in, but it's the only one my life was put in.
So I fight on towards blurry roads and doubt.
A choice that is mine alone.

savinangel left a comment for *Derpette* Kameiya
Aug 10, 19 at 11:21pm

Hi how are you whats up with the link to the dating forum

Dwete Dis Yeah j was curious about that too!
*Derpette* Kameiya You had made a profile on the forum. I was just posting the link of the page of the painting on the speedish dating. If you changed your mind on trying it please tell me and I'll take your name off so you won't be bothered when you do not wish to be.
Dwete Dis I think we were wondering if it was done or not
*Derpette* Kameiya I wanted to put enough time span in hopes for multiple members to see the forum and decide to join.
Dwete Dis Well you said Saturday but okay.
*Derpette* Kameiya Yesterday was Saturday for my time. Idk what kind of time difference you guys have though.
savinangel left a comment for *Derpette* Kameiya
Aug 10, 19 at 11:20pm

Hi what's up with the link to the dating forum

BurningHalo left a comment for *Derpette* Kameiya
Aug 10, 19 at 4:41pm

*Derpette* Kameiya Such animated randomness my friend.
Swadian left a comment for *Derpette* Kameiya
Aug 08, 19 at 7:02pm

You'll have to ask me out for dinner first!

*Derpette* Kameiya Lol. Sorry, but I'm full already o.o *Pat's head*