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Forever alone?

Bruh you know what I'm trying to say.
Jan 23, 20 at 3:03pm
Yeah, bruh. Been wanting them titties since day one and ya keep getting denied.
. @sxfe commented on Forever alone?
Jan 23, 20 at 3:08pm
I know why most males are in this situation. Because gender ratio hecked up and even 1/10 girl can get matches for creating an account on dating app. The time you guys hit for girls, the more you will be rejected unless you're above average. Keep your standarts and try to improve yourself if you want to be in that kind of mission. Remember there's nothing called love, it's just hormones lmao
Jan 25, 20 at 10:48am
why are here. just to suffer
Jan 25, 20 at 10:54am
Could I see myself growing old alone? Sure. I don't think most people want too, but sometimes it can just happen. Crazy cat lady or lonely old men jokes aside, it's natural for someone to seek out companionship as they get older. Some luck out and find it. Others don't unfortunately.
I most likely may not find someone until I'm an actual milf, Most likely someone much younger then me..So I can be a real cougar. Then I'll be saying all those things the milf woman say in doujinshi too. Good times I can see it now.
Jan 31, 20 at 7:58pm
admirable goals
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Jan 31, 20 at 8:06pm
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