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Sep 29, 23 at 10:14pm
Amir @amir_bahram left a comment for yaasshat
Sep 25, 23 at 5:10pm
Sep 02, 23 at 5:11pm
This account has been suspended.
yaasshat @yaasshat Hahahaha! Love it! Out of the mouth of babes.lol Oh, sweet summer child, I really needed that.lol And she cuts BECAUSE she's so edgy. Youngins theses days. Am I right, @kuhardio .lol
yaasshat @yaasshat Damnit! Meant @koharido . Can't see without my glasses.XD
Ghost @kuharido Don't worry, you'll get it. Also Redlight is being silly. XD
yaasshat @yaasshat Not very well, mind you.
about 3 hours ago
I've wondered this about the Bible... Why is inbreeding a sin now, but not in the beginning and how didn't it mess everything up? Like now, it totally wrecks havock in just a generation or two and makes it impossible to keep, for lack of better words, breeding. Humanity would cease to be if we did that now and yet, Adam's children would've had no other option. Was their genetics different? I know there's no biblical answer, but it makes one wonder and I'd like to hear an answer from a believer on how they think it could logically happen? There's no evidence to show people lives for almost a millennia, either. I mean, the oldest according to the Bible was Methuselah at 969 years and if the generations before the flood lived into their hundreds, why don't we find any physical evidence of that? There htas to be MANY who lived hundreds of years, I'd think.Two separate questions, I know. Did the flood somehow wipe them and their bodies out of existence? Shoot, even Noah and his fan had to inbreed in order to repopulate the earth, right?