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Don't discuss, just vent, roast, rant, flame. https://i.imgur.com/RdQLIEg.png
Nov 30, 17 at 11:56am
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yaasshat @yaasshat commented on Vent
Nov 30, 17 at 12:14pm
Vent what? Roast who? Rant about what? But, I see you've got the flaming part down. ;P
Nov 30, 17 at 12:46pm
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. @richaadokun commented on Vent
Nov 30, 17 at 2:23pm
So there's this girl I've had somewhat of an interest in ever since I added her on Facebook after briefly meeting her at a wedding... Sort of, and after getting to know her a little bit more. Okay so I have a friend who's basically like a free therapist kind of deal, and she usually gives good advice on things. She doesn't know the girl any better than I do, but if I bring her up for whatever reason, it's like it triggers my friend, I guess because of some Facebook post forever ago from said interest that I didn't think was a big deal. So she basically tries to discourage me to even talk to this girl because she thinks she's "too immature" among some other things... But we have some cool things in common (my friend is taken, and engaged so let's get that out of way in case there's any suspicion). Doesn't make any sense to me, if I have an interest in someone it's not good enough and "I don't want to see you get hurt" but it's not like she's trying to hook me up with anyone so what's the deal? /End vent
Nov 30, 17 at 2:47pm
from the outside lookin in it sounds like maybe shes being over protective? like big sister complex somewhat? atleast dip your toe in the waters with fb girl, see how things are but dont jump in
Nov 30, 17 at 3:11pm
feelings are a bitch, they never listen to you whats the point in falling for someone who shows no interest back? or having someone fall for you when you have no interest? it just hurts feelings and then you have people claiming to "be a nice guy/girl" but theyr not theyr just as selfish and hateful as everyone else and you get tricked by the kind words of these assholes and then you have trust issues because of it i wish we could just snap our fingers and force feelings for someone who seems like theyr nice and genuinely care, not just saying they do i had a dream last night about someone and it hurt so much to wake up with feelings you thought you repressed whats the point? how does that happen? why you do dis brain? guys that i like tend to not be so great and things with actually nice people dont work out why is this shit so annoying? why cant people just treat others right? isnt relationship about *not* being selfish and putting the other person first? how can someone be soooooo sweet and caring and kind and then do horribly selfish things? is this just me? do i gravitate to not so great guys? does it happen to everyone? so annoyed and sick of this oh look new h3h3 podcast featuring jontron?! maybe life is worth living >w>
. @richaadokun commented on Vent
Nov 30, 17 at 4:09pm
o l i @olivercrusher commented on Vent
Nov 30, 17 at 4:24pm
im so sick of my school honestly the people here are trash the bus rides are trash one thing im grateful for is how i rarely get any work, but when i do its a shit ton. like now. ughhh i wanna go back to my old homeee i wanna go back to my old friendssss oh yeah, i still dont have any friends at this place. im so glad i dont have to deal with it for multiple years. fuck that place so many retarded ass dippers dipping left and right their so messy about it too, like on my bus i had to sit next to this PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT excuse me who got dip all over the place, including on me AND HAD THE AUDACITY to ask me to hold his dip bottle, i almost smacked that shit out of his fucking hand and punch him right in his fucking face and threw his god damn dip can out the window. sure, my old school had dippers, BUT THEY WERENT AS RETARDED AS THEY ARE HERE. i CANNOT wait to graduate this hell hole also my birthday is in 21 days i want cake. ice cream. cookies. chips. doughnuts. i want all the comfort food i ever wanted lmao anyways im done.
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