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123 year old Male
Last online about 4 years ago
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Sep 26, 17 at 12:18am
Feb 10, 16 at 1:29am
I'm a horrible person.
Oct 28, 14 at 11:14am
My news feed is so Lonely. ToT
Nov 25, 19 at 12:49pm
Imagine... You're still very young, learning about the world, and one of your family members ODs himself on drugs after going through some stuff. Many years later you feel some of the same pain. You see this thread and you feel worried, because you don't want to see more people suffering, suicide is not the answer and deep down you know it. You open the thread to find some low life piece of shit is joking about suicide, which makes you feel angered. That about sums up how I feel. Also, this is the wrong section for such a post, I came here to read anime discussion.
Nov 24, 19 at 1:34pm
Still lying in bed, today I want to do nothing.