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Kaizer [FALLEN]

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shinji90 left a comment for Kaizer [FALLEN]
about 3 hours ago

Can you tell epsilon_52 why he is not accepting my friends request ^^

... left a comment for Kaizer [FALLEN]
about 17 hours ago


... left a comment for Kaizer [FALLEN]
about 19 hours ago

TYTY!!! me no get foul from no one. u see. my paranoid self is good detective

... left a comment for Kaizer [FALLEN]
about 19 hours ago


coachshiki left a comment for Kaizer [FALLEN]
about 19 hours ago

i actually hate you <3

coachshiki left a comment for Kaizer [FALLEN]
about 19 hours ago

awe : ( im so sorry. if you ever need to talk let me know buddy!

about 21 hours ago

For those who are quick to judge, I'm 19 so this isn't a secondary school crush or something. I'm fairly mature but a little inexperienced in the emotions department. I have never really found someone I can connect with on an intellectual and emotional level.

So here's the deal, I got to know her through a friend. She would frequently come over to make meals and hang out with my friend. We're not best friends or anything and I am fairly anti-social but this girl has been including me in most things. She would always prepare extra portions of food, my friend/her would invite me to go movies with them and basically we would hang out as a group.

The both of them have only been dating for about 3+ months but I can tell that they are both getting along very well. My friend is crazy about her and she is really an awesome person. She is very child-like, kind, caring and funny which I find really attractive maybe because it's the complete opposite of myself. She can also take a lot of teasing but she is witty so she can also throw rebuttals which makes it exciting and she's very fun to be around. The thing is lately I am starting to develop feelings for her. She is very open and always makes herself at home when she visits so she dresses in kimono robes and sleepwear. I can't stop thinking about her in a sexual way. I like her more than I should and I feel jealous.

Whenever they are having sex, I can hear them (our walls are paper thin) and I lock myself in my room, put on my headphones and crank up music or game to try to drown out everything but I still can't help feeling what I feel. Is there anything I can do to stop falling for her? Would it be inconsiderate for me to tell my friend/her how I feel? She's always very bubbly and talks a lot. She is naturally very friendly with people so I'm not sure if I'm reading too much into it but is it possible that she likes me too? She is inviting me for outings with her boyfriend, we are supposed to go for another movie this weekend and to a theme park next week but I'm starting to feel too jealous to be around them yet I yearn to spend time with her even if her boyfriend is present. Is it possible that she would reciprocate my feelings if I tell her or am I just being hopeful?

... YA, CUZ IM 26 NOT 19
John Felix left a comment for Kaizer [FALLEN]
Yesterday at 5:02am

What in the blazes is a "Daddy Booby"?

Apr 22, 18 at 12:44am

[FALLEN] left a comment for Kaizer [FALLEN]
Apr 19, 18 at 8:26am

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