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25 year old Female
Last online about 8 hours ago
fredericksburg , VA
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frozen @frozenxheavens left a comment for Skelemby
about 5 hours ago


frozen @frozenxheavens left a comment for Skelemby
about 8 hours ago

And that is one difference between us. I tend to spread myself super thin and surround myself with friendos. Just how I've always been =p so were not PERFECTLY identical, which is a relief tbh >_<

frozen @frozenxheavens left a comment for Skelemby
about 8 hours ago

My roomie at uni had that citalopram script but he stopped using it all the time to go on acid and alcohol benders so >_< it didnt have the best effect on his personality or mood. I had a pretty negative opinion of it bc of that but maybe it was that specific situation.

And either would be fine. Idk what main is in this case (MO I assume?) But disc is always super chill as well! Up to you!

frozen @frozenxheavens left a comment for Skelemby
about 9 hours ago

Yayyyy the big text wallllll ^_^ unlike you I have no such paragraph allergies!

I dont really see you as aggro as much as blunt, which is an awesome trait. It's super not manipulative to be blunt which is why I tend to be drawn to ya.

I promise I'm not holding in criticism of you in an effort to manipulate you. Like I cant just be fake critical for the sake of seeming proper >_< you're fucking dope and talented and the moment i have problems with you or your art or anything I will let ya know, bet! I loveeeee tearing down other smart artsy ppl to make myself feel better so the moment I feel that urge is legitimized i promise I will!

And I do have a diagnosis but refused to ever start an SSRI regiment. I love myself as is too much to want to change. Now you have me super curious about all this!

And hmm give me a few hours and I'll come at you with all my whiney shit. I would love to talk about all the fucked up shit i did and went through recently. Not just for the emotional ride but also to give you a better picture of who I am, but I need a bit!

And I've kinda sorta published some stuff. Some writing in a small zine. One music video. Some sound cloud shit. Not all of it is equally serious tho.

And yusss please be devastatingly critical. When you tell me im a genius poet I need it to be true and not just cause you want me happy!!

frozen @frozenxheavens left a comment for Skelemby
Yesterday at 1:11am

also i'm well aware that killed you with your paragraph allergies >_< gimme the fanfic soon! i demand it ^_^!

frozen @frozenxheavens left a comment for Skelemby
Yesterday at 1:05am

np np. i like creative writing a lot, but specifically story writing is an area that i'm not really experienced or qualified to critique academically, but also i definitely have an eye for *vibes* so ill be totally honest with ya if it excites me in that ASMR type of way!

and no need to thank me for my time, i'm very intrigued by our kindred nature and am really fond of our exchanges and interactions (hopefully that doesn't sound TOO creepy >_<)

and lastly, don't be so quick to judge me as nice. i've been reckless and impulsive a lot in the past and although i think i mean well i've genuinely hurt people before in a wanton pursuit of fighting my depression. my way of coping with those personality/mood flaws is just acting like a reflection of what people bring to me, so probably it's just that you are a really nice person yourself and it makes me want to act like that to curate a good social experience for both of us.

basically just wait till i find someone who i deem both toxic/evil AS WELL AS intellectually/socially capable as me, i'll turn up the psychotic gas in a moment's notice to have a weird 'love-to-hate-them' relationship >_<

"if you ever need something I'm here for ya"
haha i very well may take you up on that! i'll make you listen to all my whiney rap stuff and you can see how cringey i am too =P

frozen @frozenxheavens left a comment for Skelemby
Yesterday at 11:44pm

Yusss. Please share!! I can tell from your edit of my lil thang that you have dope fictional creative energy in ya. Lemme seeeee

Oct 25, 20 at 3:50am

those hips are thicc who is she

General Ghost @kuharido left a comment for Skelemby
Oct 24, 20 at 6:30pm

The holocaust did happen!

Skelemby @momoichi thank you for the reminder
godspell @godspell left a comment for Skelemby
Oct 19, 20 at 2:09pm