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about 15 hours ago

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Yesterday at 6:05pm

i miss you so much

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Jan 14, 21 at 1:56am

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Jan 13, 21 at 6:16pm

You read the rick and morty comics or seen images?

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Jan 11, 21 at 11:23pm

rick and morty comic fun

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Jan 11, 21 at 9:21am



Oof I forgot to answer your question on the civil war thread. Eh sorry for the late reply I guess XD. I don't just like my husbandos for their looks. I like them for their personality, ideologies, goals, and their role in the show. Okay some of them I like for their looks XD.
Führer King Brdely.

The reason I like him so much is because he is what a leader should be. Fierce, strong, smart, and bad ass. It took an army of specially trained soldiers, a tank, Buccaneer, Scar, Greed, a ninja, Roy(kinda) to take him down. Plus he's a loving husband. He's it just daddy material, he's husband, father and leader material. HE'S THE KING.
Greed (Ling Yao)

He's greedy, and smart. He doesn't just want everything, he wants to protect. He had his friends, and he wanted to protect them. He wanted to kill wrath because he killed his friends. He wanted everything, and his everything are his friends. Plus we're both greedy XD

He's a psychopathic realist. And I love that. The strong live, and the weak die. This world has no place for weak people. He killed his superior officers vecause they were weaker than him. He had the philosopher's stone, he could've escaped from his cell. But he didnt. He didn't see a reason in it. He stayed there until he was released. I love him so much. He gives me the chills.
Risotto Nero

Leader of the La Squadra hitman theme. Again, he's a leader and he's exactly what a leader should be. Fierce, strong, smart and badass. He actually cares for His comrades. He stayed in the church the longest. And his stand, he's mastered his stand. He perfected it. All Round bad ass.
Elias Ainsworth

And Mikhail Rinfred

These two are almost similar. Elias and Rinfred and are both Father material. They care for their students and treat them as if they're their own daughters. They're both lovable as heck.
Yukichi Fukuzawa

I'm starting to think I have a thing for leaders. The boss of the Armed Detective Agency. When it comes to Bungou Stray Dogs, everyone has Dazai or Akitigawa as their husbando. But for me it's Yukichi. He's a caring for boss who's power aids his people.

He was already my favourite character before the face reveal because he was funny. After his face reveal, I started hating the fact that I'm not bisexual XD.

He's a loyal man. Stayed loyal to his girl even after she died. A good man. Plus I like his powers. Haven't seen season 4 so no spoilers please.


Benn Beckman

And the Blacksmith from Demon Slayer. I like these guys just because they're hot.

This is the most I've written in all my 8 months on this site. XD

꧁♤President Amir♤꧂ @amir_bahram Oh dang accidentally put Elisa's pic for Rinfred.
godspell @godspell left a comment for Lamby
Jan 11, 21 at 1:23am

let's hang out

Jan 10, 21 at 12:13pm

Hey how are you? I sww we have a frw things in common. Was wondering if maybe you wanted to talk?

godspell @godspell left a comment for Lamby
Jan 10, 21 at 1:51am

My favorite card so far

[DERP] Snake Braun @solid_snake95 Gurren busted his nuts somewhere seeing this post