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Seattle, WA
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Nov 30, 22 at 5:15pm
Nov 16, 22 at 10:45pm
Nov 08, 22 at 10:09pm
about 13 hours ago
Yes, houses are indeed -that- cheap out there. It cost $115k, and we sold it for $149. (granted, there was also a lot that went into materials) With the money we got from selling in Cali we bought the thing paid in full, deed and all. Not being able to get a loan is why we went in that direction. Thanks to my current job however I've been able to get a loan and have been shopping around for a new house, this time in a hopefully better location. yeah, the house was pretty much completely renovated. I Filled every crack, patched every hole, replaced most of the ceiling lamps, replaced every outlet, every switch, painted every wall, replaced every door, new hardwear everywhere, new flooring for the entire house (that part was mostly done by people we hired), new baseboard and molding everywhere, mudding and finishing a half done garage, lots of landscaping and reseeding the lawn, and a lot of detail work too. It was hardly a fixer upper when we sold it, if anything the people who bought it were very picky and wanted a few extra things to make it perfect. Neighbors were apparently impressed by how quickly I worked, some who used to know the previous owners took a look and could barely recognize it, had a couple complement me on how fast I repainted the garage door. Living there... It wasn't a home, it was a job site that I slept at. Even our realtor was really taken back and impressed by the change, since he had seen it when it was last on the market. Worth noting I do have some experience with that sort of thing, used to help out my dad with fixing up his rental properties after people moved out and most of the time would wreck the places.
Yesterday at 1:15am
I can't say it was 100% bad there, there's certainly a few things to like. Lack of crime and how clean it was, was refreshing. I was in Duncan by the way, if you're curious.
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