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oniiai(raven) @oniiai left a comment for neeto
Nov 01, 21 at 2:16pm

yooo what’s up

neeto @neet_one Hey, same old same old (not really)
Arc @arc left a comment for neeto
Jan 01, 21 at 8:34am

Dec 25, 20 at 12:14am

Dec 23, 20 at 12:36am

Nov 27, 20 at 9:20pm
This account has been suspended.
Nov 18, 20 at 1:56am

Went to a family fun center type of place while in Arizona recently. Was surprised to see such a place was still open. figured all theme parks and anything similar would still be closed.

Cutting ties @theghoulieleader But did you have fun?
neeto @neet_one Yeah. Gave the go karts a spin with my dad. Mine was a lot faster than his but didn't want to kill the mood so I stayed around his pace, then let him win in the last lap since I knew he'd care a lot more about winning than I would. Might have been nice to try out the mini golf too but it was getting late.
Cutting ties @theghoulieleader That does sound pretty fun, you should for sure give the mini golf a chance next time too. I've never rode a go kart before or really played mini golf
neeto @neet_one We used to play mini golf a lot, it can be fun but does take a good while.
Cutting ties @theghoulieleader There's one near me.
neeto @neet_one I'd say give it a shot, whatcha got to lose?
Nov 05, 20 at 5:51pm

This election was the first time I decided to vote. Wasn't a particular bad experience, not sure what the big deal is. Only issue was with my mom who wanted to vote too but needed help with everything, and started getting frustrated and impatient by the end. The staff workers kept thanking me for helping her.

VerucAssault @verucassault That's sweet. Cero helped his mom out this year as well. <3
PK_Thuglife Weeb @psi_one left a comment for neeto
Oct 19, 20 at 8:44pm

It's good you think that way. Finding someone your compatible with is better than just picking someone just because you feel lonely or desperate. Those people in the end will have major problems if things between then get more serious. I think people choose with their emotions more than their brain but then complain when things go sour when they should of seen if they are truly compatible. Its the smart and mature way of doing it.

PK_Thuglife Weeb @psi_one left a comment for neeto
Oct 19, 20 at 12:38pm

I read that the same company owns alot of the dating type websites are actively trying to make money using tavtics. They have bots that like you or act like there talking to you but there not real people to convince you to buy their premium service.

I read where one guy had no messages even with the premium service he paid for and then after it ran out/cancelled put of nowhere he got like 30 messages but couldn't see them without paying again. And when he did they were all im fact bots.

neeto @neet_one Yeah that's one of the reasons I never paid for it. That and it just feels wrong anyway, like an act of desperation after being defeated. Besides, even if half were legitimate there's no reason to think I might like them back. I've had plenty of people like me who I had little or no feelings for in return. A lot of guys will just take whatever, but that's not me.
justawriter @justawriter left a comment for neeto
Oct 18, 20 at 12:41am

You're right. About both of those things. But I believe she has definitely found "the one". But I'm happy for her. They've been in a relationship for almost three years. It makes me happy every time she comes home from school smiling like a chipmunk. Besides, I've tested the dude a thousand times and on a thousand things and on a scale of angel to douche bag, he's a complete saint. But most importantly, he makes her happy. All I wish is to meet someone who will be that for me. But for now, ill just continue to watch slice of life and write romances. That's what makes me happy. Sorry. I was kind of depressed when I wrote my bio. Thank you for your kindness tho. :)

neeto @neet_one No problem. I'm glad to hear that then. It's nice to hear about people finding real love like that. I guess after seeing so many people take whatever they can get, jumping into relationships with people that aren't right for them, and having it fall apart without learning anything, one starts to loose a lot of faith in people. Here's hooping things work out well for them, sounds like they're one of the few couples out there doing things right. Don't loose faith either, it might not be today or tomorrow but eventually you'll find yours too. Just don't rush it, you might end up regretting it if you do.
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