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Seattle, WA
Whelp, might as well start with a few bullet points here;
intj, taurus/dragon, 5'11", 185lb, black hair with dark brown eyes. Half Hispanic(not mexican) half Caucasian.
I wouldn't consider myself Left or Right, but rather I'm politically moderate, meaning I don't like extreme views one way or the other much less getting involved with people who do.

I've seen tons of anime but my tastes don't match up well with most people here since I don't exclusively watch romance, horror, or shounen and try to keep up with current stuff when I can. Sorry if that comes across as condescending but I tend to be honest and blunt.

Also a pvc addict to the end (figures) with more than a hundred figma in my collection. Scales are nice too but I just prefer the poseable types more as they offer more options.
I've also got a wide range of other interests from cars, computers, carpentry, tinkering with electronics, drawing, photography, some webdesign and have tried gardening, biking, rc, fitness, and more I'm probably forgetting. I just like to keep an open mind and try out new things from time to time.

Unfortunately I can't really be myself on a site like this, since I feel I don't have all that much in common with many others here. So with that said in spite of appearances and how I might tend to act I'm actually the kind of person who adores all things cute as embarrassing as that might be to admit. I'm especially a sucker for cute fashion. I'm also a very laid back easy going kind of guy who likes to take things slow and calmly. You wouldn't think it to look at me though. Some people I've met say I look very "serious" and don't look like what they'd imagine. (maybe picture levi from AoT if he was a secret otaku)

Can't say I drink or smoke, more of a listener than a talker (offline anyway), and I don't usually get upset easily. I don't follow up with music much, and when I do it's mostly just edm or whatever. I'm a bit of a movie guy so there's that I guess. I'm a huge anime fan, and usually go for the SoL moe stuff, but not exclusively of course.
Can't say I do much online gaming nether, I mostly prefer single player stuff but I'm open to the stuff.
Fair bit of a loner / introvert too. I generally just keep to myself and don't go out much.
Been diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder, doesn't mean I'm gonna slice people up and wear their skin or anything like that, just kinda makes it hard to express emotions and leaves me rather apathetic to situations that would normally get big emotional reactions from people (good or bad) Picture something like the vulcan from star trek if you will, just maybe not that extreme. It's also the cause of a rather low libido on my end and not much of a drive to get into relationships. In other words I'm more than fine being alone, but I'm still open to the possibility should the right girl come along.

If I seem a bit different than the rest around here that's because I've essentially come full circle with anime communities. I used to hang out on sites like this when I was new to the internet but moved on, only to find myself back here again for whatever reason. I know I don't really fit in here, and frankly I don't even really want to. I've considered leaving but I don't really have much better to do so figured might as well just hang out here. Also part of me still has hopes of meeting other NEETs, (real)otaku, and hikkimori... Although I've learned in my time here so far that's rather unlikely to happen. Most people here seem to only like anime on a very superficial level. They might jokingly claim to be otaku but will mock real otaku in a heartbeat.
Anyways, Don't be afraid to hit me up if you wanna talk. If there's anything you wanna know just ask, I try to never ignore messages (sometimes it's a necessary). I'm usually here with nothing better to do anyway so it's no trouble.

Because people keep asking me; the profile pic is Takumi Nishijou from Chaos;Head. I went with that character for the avatar because I found them to be one of the most relatable characters in anime I've come across to date.

If you're curious about the possibility of a relationship here's a few things to note:
I'm not gay and have no interest in women who used to be men, men who think they're women, women who think they're men and so on.
A few deal breakers would be women with children, sluts/whores, people who smoke, do drugs(regularly), and/or have tattoos.
Also I strongly believe in monogamy, and I don't consider taking turns with countless partners to really be monogamy, I consider that polygamy. In other words I'm very against hook up culture.
I've been called cold, abrasive, blunt, and apathetic but also someone who's decent once you crack that shell and get to know me so take it how you will. I can say for sure though that I can be very cynical and pessimistic at times, but also an optimist who looks on the bright side of things. I enjoy giving people advice and knowing I've helped people in some way.

I much rather talk and get to know someone first before jumping into anything, so you'd have to be patient. If you're looking for something quick and easy keep looking because I'm not interested in just 'hooking up' for quick fling.
You could say I'm an old fashion kinda guy with old fashion morals and values. People often think I'm christian because of this, but that's not the case at all.
I don't have a photo of myself up because I'm a grotesque monster with five eyes, two mouths, and an upside down nose. Really though I'm just camera shy and even then I don't like sharing certain types of private information on the internet, I'd share that stuff with someone I've known for at least a little while.
long distance relationships are perfectly fine with me, I'd almost go as far as to say they're preferred. That would be because southern California is full of some pretty nasty people and it seems unlikely to find good people around here. By nasty I mean junkies tweakers whores and all manner of depraved people. I know long distance relationships don't usually work out, but the odds seem better than finding honest decent people in the area I live.
Crazy as it might sound I honestly prefer 2D over 3D and do have a waifu, but I wouldn't say I've completely given up on 3D just yet. If the right girl came along I'd give her a chance of course.

So why's such a great guy not taken you might ask? well you can find a fairly detailed explanation here:
But to sum it up best I can the main issue would probably have to be location. At the risk of sounding bitter I'm absolutely convinced that SoCal has some of the worse people/culture in the country. People in other parts of country seem decent enough but most people really don't want to deal with long distance relationships (which rarely ever work out so I can't blame them). Not to mention I never go to bars or other such places where people often meet.

I should probably also add that I have some abandonment issues to be perfectly honest. As such I find it harder and harder as time passes to get attached to people. No matter how well we get along, or how long we've known each other, they always seem to slowly drift away or in some cases go from being nuts about me to disappearing over night. With that in mind it's hard for me to trust people. That doesn't mean I wont talk to people, you're more than welcome to message me if you still want to after reading all that.
Although lately it seems that might be because I'm giving people the wrong or misleading impressions about myself. A number of times now people have approached me because they think I'm 'mysterious' or whatever, then I guess they learn more about me and loose interest. Just to make it clear I'm a very honest open minded person who prefers clean living with a strong sense of morality centered around the simple concept of treating people the way they'd want to be treated. I very strongly dislike lying, cheating, or stealing, and don't much like associating with people who take part in that.

If you did read even half of that, all I can say is bravo.

Discord: tacos#7295
Jul 1-4