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30 year old Male
Last online almost 6 years ago
West Valley, UT
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cloud87 @cloud87 left a comment for Spencer
Nov 29, 16 at 6:45am
Spencer tell your sister i said hi and only thing i have close to a sister is 3 of my best friends and 1 of them is my favorite cousin. If you think my friendship with my cousin is weird since I'm a guy and she's a woman i fully understand and she's more then just my cousin she's also 1 of my best friends and i see her as my sister we are that close :).
My policy is to talk as little as possible, the quicker I can end the conversation the better. In the event it is my friends I would say it is about fifty-fifty. I initiate half of the time.
Feb 14, 17 at 1:21am
How about Full Metal Panic? It is pretty humurous, and has some elements of romance.