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Dont remaster i have seen to many remaster disasters already atleast with a remake they can fuck it up withput hurting the orginal…
Anyone fan of Sega Saturn? I've enjoyed the Saturn for a long time but I have noticed when I want to try games I haven't played, they tend to be too expensive. Lots of English titles that cannot work my Japanese Saturn normally. So not only are they really expensive but also hard to get working unless I use a cheat card. I found the Satiator recently and it looks very promising. Anyone else familiar with it? If not maybe you would be interested in it too since it makes it easier to play games on your Saturn that may not normally work on it. It is even better than the Cheat Cards!
@forgotten I have always wanted a Saturn. So many good Shmups on the platform and Sonic R :3 All I know is that the Action Replay Card is a good option, not sure if it would work on a Japanese Saturn tho. https://figureculture.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/freeing_nendoroid_sega_saturn04s.jpg?w=604
@projectotakux yes, the Saturn has a lot of interesting titles on it. I also like playing some games on it that are on other platforms. Tomb Raider for example was originally going to be a Saturn exclusive. So in a way that is the original version of the game. Sonic R is fun. Mastering the controls can be a challenge but after you do it is enjoyable. Ah yes, the Replay Card is what I use. Some games won’t work despite that card actually. That is why something like the satiator is good since bypasses that region protection. Plus my discs will be preserved since it runs it all on a as card and the disc drive doesn’t need to be removed.
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