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Retro Game Talk & Appreciation

pls, don't encourage him. (╥﹏╥)
Dnt stop me from regaining my childhood AAAAAAAAAA https://c.tenor.com/3sscVvNm9zkAAAAM/controlmypc-cat.gif Kekeke
@redhawk https://c.tenor.com/60Usb-1YlpQAAAAC/mc-hammer-stop-hammer-time.gif
You know one thing that I find crazy is how poorly optimized emulators are. My computer is x times more powerful than a PS2, but can't run the games at a solid 144fps on max settings without artifacts or missing graphics... Either that or I'm just using some spaghetti scripted emulators.
May 10, 22 at 3:02am
It's because it's emulation. Sometimes it works out better than the actual thing but then again it doesn't. PS2 emulation always had trouble.
Well I understand that it's emulation and that it may have to translate between instruction sets. But I'd imagine like any kind of tech, emulators would improve in performance and quality but it doesn't seem to really be the case.
Also I think my very first game growing up may have been FFX-2, because I remember looking at the case and being like "what in the world is this?" since I couldn't read. But I plopped the disk in and just toyed around with the controller until I understood the controls. I do remember that the first time I played it I was pretty invested and immersed when I got the hang of it, I still enjoy the game to this day.
May 10, 22 at 2:23pm
I really wish Legend of Dragoon gets a remake
I agree Legends of Dragoon definitely needs a remake or remaster
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