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32 year old Male
Last online 1 day ago
Somewhere in, CA
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May 07, 24 at 11:25pm
Wow, you made that? That's incredible!
I finally finished painting my paper lantern today. =D I'm not the world's best painter but I'd say I'm pretty decent when it comes to having the skill on hand if I ever find a need for it. I love the way this photo came out. (>u<)
calchan92 @calchan92 Oh that’s a cool lantern! I love seeing others art since I do art too!
Mar 06, 24 at 12:56pm
Oh nice! I originally funded the game back when it was on Kickstarter. It took about 5 years to come out, I think. Take your time on it, I think I only got to the 3rd day so far, barely finished the castle.
I actually got the Nintendo Switch version of the game. (^u°) I've watched Michaela Law's play through with a great friend of mine and decided to get the game. I wanted to experience the Boss Rush Mode and try to find the new jump scares I've heard about. I'm still progressing through the game, I've been so caught up on creating and getting things in order.
Mar 06, 24 at 12:32pm
You play Omori, too? :o I need to finish that game though I've been playing a lot of games lately so that's been on the backlog. If you're looking for interesting games, you can try the demo for Until Then on Steam.
I am most commonly drawn to games that have interesting stories (lighthearted Tomodachi Life, or dark like Omori) and fantasy theme games. I will also play some games that have a futuristic Sci-fi world too, but that's not as common for me due to what I have in my game collection right now. I still think they're cool though. (-u-)
Yesterday at 10:31am
Suppose it's time to get on that grind
Not sure. I mostly message people on the friend list. It could be a setting.