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Alcohol and other Controlled Substances


Weed is socially acceptable because it is generally safer than alcohol and the effects are just as mild.
Being drunk and being high( on weed ), while fundamentally different, is no more extreme than the other. Plus no hangover with weed.

Like most things in life, moderation is key.
Too much alcohol and you'll destroy your liver/kidneys. Too much weed( if smoked ) and you'll destroy your lungs.
But in moderation, both alcohol and weed are pretty darn relaxing!
Sitting under the stars around a fire with your buds, drinking, smoking and talking about life.

While I agree drugs are, in general, bad, people who have never even tried weed needs to get off their soapbox.

Ever get the opportunity to try weed, I say do it or forever hold your peace.
If you do try it and still think weed is of the devil, then you can ride that high horse all you want lol

This is just my two cents on the matter.

Hard drugs like meth, heroin and k2... Yeah, stay away from that shit!


I get the health differences obviously.. im still very much against it . smells terrible lol. And too many people wear it as an identity.. i know enough potheads that are dumb as a stump and only talk about that shit.


^ It's not too bad when you smoke weed, but it becomes painfully lame when you start making a big deal about it


@reisenpai66 I agree. I think smoking weed is fine.
But when you start wearing it as a badge of honor and revolve your whole life around it, then maybe you should put that oversized maze of a bong down lol

Apr 16, 21 at 8:55pm

I've never tried weed and have no intention of ever doing so. Not for me. That stuff smells so bad it makes me nauseated just being around it. No thanks. I got a couple grand invested in weed stocks though~


I have to say that the people big into weed culture are some of the most annoying people I have ever met in my life.


If weed didn't make me pass the fuck out EVERY SINGLE TIME I've tried it, I'd probably enjoy it. I do oddly like the smell, though. I don't like when it becomes someone's life. I mean, I like beer, but I don't talk about it and drink it every single day.


Be proactive with it. Write, draw, do yoga, etc.


im tipsy rn.


Wine is the only alcohol I can accept because it has genuine health benefits. It’s also a good stress reliever, which the Bible heavily encourages.

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