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Alcohol and other Controlled Substances


I have a lot of questions about this stuff.
Hardly any of my family members ever drink. I've never seen anybody drunk, and if I have, it must have been a one-time occurrence that I've forgotten. I'm not really exposed to alcohol, nor do I want to be.
I'm just not interested in testing the limits of my liver and reputation while being under the influence of anything...right now, anyway, at this point in time.
One time I got pranked with some tequila that was flavored with pineapple juice. :(
Ever since then, I want to be the designated driver in the group at any given time. But I'm afraid to drive, because nobody's wanted to really teach me. xD
And, well, I know that most people just ingest alcohol to have a good time.

As for other things, such as marijuana, well, I've always been curious about that, but like a lazy curious. Kind of like when you're looking up at the clouds one lazy afternoon and a sudden pop thoughts into your head about how big koala appendixes are. But you're just like, "Nah, I'll just Google that later", and you keep deferring that little thought. That's how I am with the ganja. but I'm already kinda nuts, so I resist temptation of that sort very easily. (Especially because the only people I know who do it are official scholastic fuckups.)
What are your stances on anything of that sort?


Stances as in do we do those things and why we do them?

I personally have never smoked a single thing in my entire life. I owe this to 2 things: pictures of f*cked up lungs in high school and more importantly, an oath I made with my father after he had his heart attack that I would never smoke anything.

Alcohol on the other hand is actually healthy in moderate amounts. I drink occasionally (as far as 2012 is concerned, I haven't gotten wasted yet) and I drink to the point where I am situationally aware, but socially uninhibited. Also, I never drink alone and since I hate not remembering the night before, I leave the getting wasted up to my friends while I stay moderately buzzed and ready to sober up at anytime.

I'm not sure if that's the type of response you were hoping to generate, but it is what I got.


alcohol and other stuff can make things good in small amounts and in controlled situations because it can get addictive. I can't really tell you not to do it because i did it myself. if you want to try it do it and if you don't then stay away from them. Anything in great amounts can harm you but if controlled and regulated could be good. My advice would be to stay away from them.


These are the responses I want, thanks. ^_^


I have done most soft drugs at least once (defined as drugs with very little chemical addiction factor and have no lasting/damaging effects). Mind-altering substances have helped me shape a lot of views on relationships and attitudes between human beings. Drugs, like anything else that is fun and time-consuming, have both their good qualities and bad.

1. Anti-stress factor
Drugs cause your brain to release happy chemicals within your brain. Depending on which ones you enjoy more, it can allow you to feel good/euphoric without many side effects. I, for one, realized early on that happiness is a state of mind that a person can decide for oneself because of this. The drawback is when people become dependent on chemicals to be happy. However, I think it's safe to say that those people were probably not happy people to begin with.

2. Social factor
Drugs, like anything stimulating and fun that takes time, are used a lot simply as an excuse to hang out with people. In this regard, multi-player video games and social websites can be thought of in the same way, because you do something in order to be around other people you intend to spend time with. When I share drinks or smoke with friends, it lightens the mood so everyone's content with sitting on the couch and talking about shit and spending time with each other. The drawback: You do not want your relationship with your friends to be based on drugs. If you were ever to use them with others, attempt to find the type who would be chill enough to hang out whether anyone was high or not.


3. Medication
Prescription drugs like adderall or xanax will get most people high, but the majority of people use them to deal with symptoms or a state of mind they don't want. Please realize that these types of pharmaceuticals are basically legalized forms of street drugs. For example, adderall almost has the same chemical composition as meth, but was changed slightly so that it would not be nearly as chemically addictive.

Some people smoke marijuana to deal with things like chronic pain, and some others smoke it when to fall asleep during the night. The drawback here is once again dependence.

Things with low addiction factors you can safely try:
1. Marijuana
2. Alcohol
3. Acid/LSD

Things with high addiction factors you should avoid:
1. Tobacco
2. Heroin
3. Crack Cocaine, Cocaine
4. Adderall


drunk people are scarewy


Drink responsibly; don't ever wanna do something you will regret.



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