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Alcohol and other Controlled Substances


I'm from Florida, so it goes without saying that I drink and do drugs. Hell, I'm drinking right now.

First time I smoked weed, I honestly didn't feel anything. But the second time, OOOOOOOOH BOY!
Nothing happened at first. But slowly my brain started feeling a bit weird. Then, like a tons of bricks, it hit me!
I was stuck on the couch at a buddy's place just thinking about random ass shit. Seeing things in my mind. I even had memories from when I was a fetus! Make sense of that how you want lol
Got a little hungry and remembered my friend had string cheese in the fridge. Yum! Got up to get some, got to the fridge and, poof, forgot what had happened.
I forgot what I was doing and didn't even remember walking to the fridge. I just teleported. Noticed I was hungry, opened the fridge and, look, string cheese!
Grabbed some and plopped back on the couch and forgot what happened again. It felt like I never left and I couldn't remember anything.
Noticed that I was still hungry and remembered that my buddy had some string cheese in the fridge and was gonna go get some.
I look down and, HALLELUJAH, I magically had sting cheese on my lap! I spent the rest of my high thinking that I had magical food summoning powers!
Wasn't until I came down that I remembered what had happened.

Once tried molly at a rave club. I didn't feel "high" but everything did feel so much more beautiful.
I remember at the club, this dude came up to me and did these weird finger movements in front of my face.
He had some gloves with LED neon colored finger tips on. All I know is that it was the most beautiful thing I've every seen in my life!
So mesmerized by the moving colors, I truly thought I had discovered what love is!

Did coke once at home. Nothing special. Felt GREAT for about 20 minutes then I felt like blah...

Been addicted to k2 for years( well, I quit a few months ago ).
This shit is basically fake weed on steroids and has the addiction of heroin( and the same withdrawals ).
Smoking k2 I've seen sound, had a couple of seizures and watched my neighbors fight from out my window for 15 minutes thinking I was watching judge Judy!
I even hallucinated and had a full 10 minutes deep conversation with my brother which never actually happened. When I found out he was never there, I honestly freaked the hell out!

Good times!


ive never been into drugs. i know how my brain works. its like a ai computer, drugs arent going to help me. i think thats what i am ai like.


Drugs bad. Occasional drink is fine.


I only drink alcohol because i really enjoy the flavor, same with cigars, but drugs are a big nono for me, i occasionally smoke a joint with friends but anything harder than that is a place i'm not willing to go to for obvious reasons.


The taste of alcohol, the smell of cigarettes and weed is disgusting. I've only gotten drunk once in my life. I felt horrible the next day. I was like yeah. I'm never doing that shit ever again. I think drugs in general are disgusting. I have never done. Nor will ever do hardcore drugs (coke as an example). With all that being said. I think all drugs should be legal. Why are hardcore drugs ilegal? In simple terms. Hardcore drugs are ilegal because it harms the human body. People are essentially committing crimes against themselves. But alcohol and cigarettes are generally not ilegal. Even though they are drugs that harm your body.

Wait a minute. Alcohol and cigarettes are drugs too. There is a high correlation between smoking and lung cancer. The more you smoke. The more likely you are to get lung cancer. Lung cancer can kill you. Cigarettes are drugs that can kill you. Excessive drinking also leads to alcoholic liver cirrhosis. Which can also kill you. People generally have no problem with cigarettes and alcohol as legal drugs. Some drugs that kill are ok, but other drugs that also kill are not ok? Sounds like some contradictory nonsense.

I am of the opinion that peoples' business is there business. Peoples' body are their bodies. If someone wants to put garbage into their body. Have at it. That's your problem, not mine. I certainty would never put shit into my body. But if people want to put shit into their body. Go for it.


Yea im very much against drugs including weed. Drinking is the only thing ive ever done. Weird to think that weed is somehow socially acceptable now.


i grew up around alcoholics and drug addicts (someone even ODed in my house once from heroin) so i despise both

i still deal with alcoholics actually...

anyways, I'm extremely straight edged because of this. i don't like what happens to people when theyr intoxicated. they lose their filters and theyr just unpredictable, and that's scary

I'm glad bf-kun doesn't drink anymore, cause i don't know if i could date someone that gets drunk. iv never been around anyone that was high on weed, and because it can help with anxiety and its cheaper then pure cbd i thought about maybe getting that a try, but otherwise I'm not interested in drugs or alcohol (minus sugar and caffeine)

i might get drunk some day just to see what its like, but i never want to drink recreationally. ever.


Being drunk is generally not fun, you don't remember shit and your head hurts the next day, you do and say stupid shit and drinking that much on the regular is obviously not good for your body (shocker amirite). But i still drink, just because i enjoy the taste. I do agree that drugs should be at least decriminalized, rehabilitation is better than incarceration, if you put someone in jail over drugs and take away most of their opportunities after they're out of jail, what do you think they're gonna do? Go back to doing or selling drugs because they have no other options in life left.


being drunk is fun, puking and hangovers arent tho.


I hate when it comes time for my friends to show me all the embarrassing shit i don't remember doing, at least it's funny most of the time

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