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35 year old Male
Last online about 1 hour ago
bend, OR
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VerucAssault @verucassault left a comment for poo
Sep 05, 21 at 8:48am

I see your "Dirt" and raise you this one:

poo @siruboo i dont remember much from the other night except my mom was really annoying and yesterday i had to be around here for hours, she treats my like dirt.
demoneyes_kyo @demoneyes_kyo left a comment for poo
Jul 18, 21 at 9:43pm

Goatman it's me PK. I was trying to find you for a while but without the goat pic it was impossible. I hope your doing good man you are hands down the funniest person on this site, always cheered me up for real. I did wonder though, remember those city drawings you used to make? Did goats ever live in the city?

poo @siruboo i remember you, half the city is for goats.
Jun 26, 21 at 9:56am

so glad im back from portland. im listening to poop music, pop. 4s4ki

Kronos @krimso left a comment for poo
May 11, 21 at 8:30pm

What's past the bend?

poo @siruboo you will find out, the occult in damascus oregon in the open got shut down. on the oregon california border is the worst prison.
Mar 26, 21 at 9:07am

speaking of wheels, ive got to get myself out of this deep hole.

poo @siruboo ironically listening to Day Of The Baphomets. as i was thinking i was the day of it, i was strapped to a bed thinking i was going to die for hour. long story well. that was the whole story. i think.
poo @siruboo i have a month to figure out my things, make it quick im responibal. not sure if i should listen to voices in my head.
poo @siruboo on the good side. if people read this, is i have the best oportunity to ummm to maybe do something. i hope. ots of things to do right now.

are the mountain goats your fave band? i love the singers really unique voice

poo @siruboo oh... ya ive been fan since 2008 or so. ive got a mountain of envolopes i have to figure out. literally, its like a weird medicall mountain.
poo @siruboo not to sound rude. it was a non medical medical thing. for being strapped to a bed sorta thing being on ketamane and thinking i was going to get chopped up by bad aliens. that sorta thing...
poo @siruboo just got to the 6,490.93 page. holy hl haha.
Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for poo
Mar 26, 21 at 7:23am

You shiuld change ur name to hamby

poo @siruboo oi, i should be oiy..

sup hams

poo @siruboo the karoty kid. the lamby kid. fucking finally.
poo @siruboo haha break it down. lamby fuck im nuts, but not nots as cough.. hellow.
Mar 10, 21 at 5:04pm



You do realize china's navy has more ships than ours right? You do realize other nations have shit that even we dont have. For such a "pro-war country" like people say, we are kinda lagging behind. Or how we have less people for jobs than we need. But our budget should be sent elsewhere? Maybe you will be glad biden doesnt get rid of guns when our own citizens gotta defend themselves after we get overwhelmed. Just think about why it is we need more money for the military, its not even about our paychecks. But We gotta live too you know, how can people worry about defending their country when their own is starving at home. Doesnt make much sense then does it? Anyone who is anti-military or defends removing funds is so complacent and dont realize we have enemies.

As for the kids they need to go back to school. Kids are less likely to die and alot of these kids need to go to school. For education, for social interaction, to get away from family, to give them a break, so we dont end up with a generation even more fucked up than ours.

Lisanthur @sanfi You forgot the @ in front of my username and somehow I still chanced upon this. However, I have no clue as to why you'd want me to read that
Jan 30, 21 at 8:33pm

my fav albums lately are klein lifetime, autechre sign/ plus and luis vasquez a body of errors. they are pretty weird. i want more albums like this.