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26 year old Male
Last online 7 days ago
Chicago, IL
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Mahuri @amir_bahram left a comment for MugiwaraMaster
Jul 16, 20 at 2:23pm

Oh my God you're back. Welcome back dude.

MugiwaraMaster @mugiwaramaster I may only use the site sparingly. Probably just to hang out and give updates on life. But thanks for the welcome.
Human @ahuman Stick Around! It’s always nice to have such a good person pop in and out
Lucien @draig No, go back to your love life traitor! Away with you!!!!!
Sparkie @sparkis left a comment for MugiwaraMaster
May 30, 20 at 4:50pm

Sparkie @sparkis left a comment for MugiwaraMaster
May 16, 20 at 8:07am

Sparkie @sparkis left a comment for MugiwaraMaster
May 15, 20 at 12:11am

Sorry I'm a little late, but all I want to do is wish you the best of luck out there. You definitely left your footprint here on MaiOtaku. I remember when you were brand new here and I had to post below you on a thread "Is the person above known on MaiOtaku". My response was, that you are getting known, and that I can already remember you quite well. After these three weeks It is clear that you got yourself known quite well.

Best of luck to you from everyone here!

Lucien @draig left a comment for MugiwaraMaster
May 14, 20 at 7:10pm

Best of luck in the adventures of love Young man!


As much as I hate to say it, but I found a good match and one who wants me to fully move our dating to Facebook from now on that here.

It may be hard to say goodbye, but this is the end. Been nice being here for a few weeks and chatting with a few good folks. Never thought I would find me a nice woman this fast, but here we are.


[DERP] Charles @redhawk Take care mate and wishing you the best c:
[DERP] Charles @redhawk I know we never talked, but I always enjoyed seeing you around ^^
May 13, 20 at 2:56pm

MugiwaraMaster @mugiwaramaster Based. Resetti is the best.

Welp, RIP Hunter x Hunter

This story will never end.


My apologies for barely being around this place as I should.

Just that one of my more talkative friends from here would rather me be on Facebook over here. Trying to find a better balance.