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Arc @arc commented on Vent
Jun 12, 24 at 8:06pm
There are few things that are more useless than vanilla flavored greek yogurt. NOBODY WANTS IT
Veru @verucassault commented on Vent
Jun 13, 24 at 3:23am
Money's on 'Didn't read the label."
Jun 13, 24 at 4:06am
@arc I eat vanilla flavored Greek yogurt XD. I love putting almonds or caramelized pecans in it with some fruit sksksk
yaasshat @yaasshat commented on Vent
Jun 18, 24 at 4:18pm
Can't even afford "free"... Won a contest. Yippee!!! Needs a deposit(Refundable, but that meant fuck all for me.) to secure an appointment... Boooo!!!! Can't win for trying. Meh... Gonna eat my jambalaya and bitch some more!!! Edit: The jambalaya is delicious. I mean, who would appreciate a $700 plus portrait of their kids? To bougie for me...huuuuuurrrrrrumph.
Arc @arc commented on Vent
Jun 23, 24 at 1:34pm
If you click on an annoying ad on a website with the intention to purchase the product you should buy a football helmet instead to protect whatever precious few braincells you have left in that empty, cavernous head of yours.
Jun 23, 24 at 7:41pm
Is a football helmet the right choice tho? A lot of those guys get brain damage XD https://media1.tenor.com/m/zA28L1JaGCYAAAAC/missed-kick-missed.gif
Chocopyro @chocopyro commented on Vent
Jun 30, 24 at 10:06pm
Visiting a buddy who was house sitting. Day three for him. Shoulda known something was up when he asked me "How do I know I'm talking to the right person with a ouija board?" Told him "Petition a reaper or an angel. Ask them to bodyguard for you." He didn't do that. Next I get an invite. Wants to share some mountain dew and talk to pass the time. Get inside, the place feels dark as hell, he's talking to himself about suicide, and I keep seeing shapes at the corner of my vision, and I get that electric tingling at the back of the neck, and the place has the aura of a murder scene. I was like "Bro? Why? I start work tomorrow?" Just waiting for the logs to burn in the back yard fire pit so we could get the white ashes of a white oak. Salt's already consecrated. You guessed it! I'm home brewing holy water so I could keep them off my friend. Then I'm gonna kick me some demonic ass. It's still the infestation phase, so they're kinda pushovers.
Chocopyro @chocopyro commented on Vent
Jul 08, 24 at 11:08pm
Today at work, I had to professionally explain to someone over a drive through window that I was not my brother Geoff, but his identical twin brother that he often forgot to tell people he had, and that Geoff has been dead for a few years now. All while trying to gently usher him to the second drive through window so that they could complete his order in a timely fashion. Being a twin never ends.
Jul 09, 24 at 2:33am
I hate my fucking job. More like I hate my bosses and managers. They’ve been taking days off my schedule little by little from month to month and now I’m working only 3 days a week barely able to afford rent and even tho I have 2 interviews coming up, can’t quit just yet bc I still need money. I feel like they’re just going to fire me soon and that just pisses me off even more. Even worse I got unlucky enough to get both interviews on days I’m working. So frustrated and ready to shave my head.
Chocopyro @chocopyro commented on Vent
Jul 10, 24 at 12:35am
@sharpshooterkogane Yeah, I get it. My hiring manager is senile (Not even exagerating, thats true), and she's been trying to do that to all of my coworkers. I can relate. All these damn companies trying to get rid of people to appease the share holders. But what they don't understand is that WE NEED these "excess" employees in order to keep up with customer demand without ripping our hair out. (And trust me, even with them, the jobs too high paced for its pay.) These fucking wallstreet pigs need to work our jobs for a living instead of acting like armchair bosses trying to tell our bosses how to do their jobs. It takes too long to train people. It's hard enough to find people who stick around to begin with. And the employees they want to get rid of are the ones who keep things running. They're the ones with the grit and tenacity to throw everything they have into the job. We can't keep the store afloat without them! Besides, they keep complaining that we don't take any breaks, but thing is, you need EXTRA people to cover for people on break THAT WE DON'T HAVE!
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