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36 year old Male
Last online about 7 hours ago
Near Chattanooga, TN
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nineiota @nineiota left a comment for meisterman1985
Apr 01, 21 at 3:29pm

Thank you for the request! :3

meisterman1985 @meisterman1985 You're welcome (*´︶`*)


1. No. I'm even too busy to watch anime and I'm more into gaming. But even with that, I'm still too busy with life.
2. No. Since gaming boomed in popularity and my heart was telling me to do so.
3. Used to. Gave it up. So no.
4. No. From studying with my Japanese language teacher, Google Translate, friends from Japan, etc.
5. No. Too busy and anxious to draw anything PERIOD.
6. Yes. And move out due to past trauma while most women in my area are being same old same old and too shallow to understand me.
7. No, but I'm not really interested in comics. But if I had to choose one, I prefer the 1984 TMNT comics. The 1987 animated series is for the social norms.
8. Yes and no. It's like comparing an apple to an orange.
9. No. I mostly listen to video game music for stimulating my senses and concentrate on my tasks in life better. For vocal music, some video games have it. Other than them, I listen to real Japanese music shared to me by my friends in Japan and Vocaloid music.
10. No. Many workers there sadly suffer in deep work stress and exhaustion. Let's not forget game developers, electronic manufacturers, automobile companies, food producers, music equipment makers, etc., etc.

elhaym @elhaym left a comment for meisterman1985
Feb 18, 21 at 7:40am

meisterman1985 @meisterman1985 Danke Fräulein Elhaym (つ・ω・(-ω-*)
elhaym @elhaym anytime ^-^
Olive @ayumi left a comment for meisterman1985
Feb 08, 21 at 5:51pm

Aww unfortunately I can only understand from speaking and not really read Japanese yet. So far I have only learned reading Hiragana.

elhaym @elhaym left a comment for meisterman1985
Feb 01, 21 at 12:42pm

meisterman1985 @meisterman1985 Hahaha it laid the housewife her busy morning breakfast hahahaꉂꉂ(ᵔᗜᵔ*)
Jan 20, 21 at 9:32pm

I know you've been working hard. It's ok for you to spend some time with your hobbies. It's what you want to do. People like them are huge pains in the ass

Jan 20, 21 at 1:16pm

I hate that too. Don't let them get to you. Your hobbies are just as important as everything else

Jan 20, 21 at 1:35am

That sucks. I'm always here to help if you ever need it.

Jan 19, 21 at 1:28pm

I see and sorry for the late reply. I hope things are going good for you

内緒 @hakutaku left a comment for meisterman1985
Jan 03, 21 at 7:35am

I think you'd be interested in this manga~或る鳥の一生. It's unknown~

meisterman1985 @meisterman1985 ありがとう妹(*´ω`*)。*♪ 面白い( ∵ )
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