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John Felix left a comment for meisterman1985
Apr 22, 18 at 6:17pm

It depends, I think there's more artistic license with dubs so a talented team can still produce an excellent "exquisite corpse" from the source material, even if it is not culturally accurate. Robotech versus Macross is probably one of the better examples of this, since you had Carl Macek stitch together divergent material and infuse it with a Spice-like substance to provide narrative cohesion.

Another thing is that the subs don't always come across well when done by different teams, for instance when I saw the fan subs of Casshan vs the official release there was some name changes to Braiking Boss and other small things, like considering the robots a triad or gang instead of an army. That could easily be a situation where a translator could step in and say, "Hmm, robo-gang seems to distract from the seriousness of this show, perhaps it would be better to fudge the source material in order to produce a more convincing product."

Fortunately with how the releases turned out, the Harmony Gold dub of the Casshan OVA served as a gateway for allowing me to understand the subbed earlier series. I guess the metaphor I would use is that it's like getting a restaurant quality hamburger, instead of waiting for that exclusive sirloin cuisine that may take another two decades to arrive.

Andromeda Shun left a comment for meisterman1985
Apr 22, 18 at 2:29pm

Thank you very much for the request ^^

meisterman1985 You're very welcome. While you and your brother love Saint Seiya and I grew up mostly by video games (especially Japan-made ones), Culture Brain's Hiryu no Ken series has some Saint Seiya references.
John Felix left a comment for meisterman1985
Apr 22, 18 at 11:49am

Ah, so you're more of an anime purist? That can add an extra challenge. I'll watch subs when there's no other material available, but sometimes all the reading will get to me for more lengthy series. I couldn't imagine sharing material like that with casuals, too many people in my local world fall asleep when I show movies. People in my age group and a little older seem like they're so low energy, that's probably one of the reasons I'm here.

meisterman1985 Dubs are to green bean casserole dumped out of cans into casserole dishes before baking. Subs, although more difficult, are to Alton Brown's cast iron green bean casserole from scratch by boiling fresh green beans and making oven-baked breaded onions, and homemade cream of mushroom soup. I am obsessed with accuracy, caution, effort and love.
John Felix left a comment for meisterman1985
Apr 20, 18 at 5:55pm

Here's what I've been trying out:

1) Conventions that are linked up to a college or a university, at least some of the people attending belong to other clubs that meet more frequently.
2) If you look at some of the churches further out in the country or well-to-do areas, some will put on county fairs.
3) Here in Maryland we have a boardgame society known as GCOM, which meets up regularly at different locations and makes good neutral territory for a potential date / friendship.

I think the main challenge is finding people who want to do anything these days XD

meisterman1985 Thank you for your tips, bro. Usually, I find some problems with typical Americans, like how they jump in bandwagons, prefer dubs for convenience and maybe changes, and so on. Despite them, I still search with accuracy and caution.
BrendanCasey left a comment for meisterman1985
Apr 20, 18 at 11:41am

It's pretty lonely here (and disappointing since 90 percent of the people here don't actually use this place as a dating site), so it's always nice to get a Friend Request. :)

meisterman1985 Indeed. Some local people I know wonder why not find one locally offline? Well, there's usually dirty-minded, dirty-looking, or just plain unfitting people around me. Not even otaku conventions weren't helpful enough. My parents recommended me to go to churches, but I feel unsure of them.
paattica left a comment for meisterman1985
Apr 18, 18 at 2:48pm

Thanks for the warm welcome! ^__^!

meisterman1985 You're very welcome! ^__^!
Apr 16, 18 at 11:14pm

It's my birthday!

yukinamisha left a comment for meisterman1985
Apr 15, 18 at 5:34pm

That was what I originally got my profile pic from ^^

meisterman1985 Too bad it froze. T_T
rinonako left a comment for meisterman1985
Mar 24, 18 at 11:44pm

I'd like just have the Weather Channel on all day and I'd get really excited for the Local on the 8's lol.

meisterman1985 There are some competitors as well as dead ones like this one, which uses 615 Music Co. stock music.
suna left a comment for meisterman1985
Mar 17, 18 at 9:18pm


Found a used game console.
One man's trash is another man's treasure ^^

meisterman1985 すごい! I still have my FM TOWNS, and couldn't easily sell it as well as fixing it with a method by Italian expert Caius. That Sega Saturn looks interesting.
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