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34 year old Male
Last online about 1 hour ago
Near Chattanooga, TN

Welcome to my profile. I am pretty much an otaku in my custom preferences. At around age 4, I was becoming a video gamer up to today still being that. Around the same time at age 4, I was introduced to Japanese anime before the term "anime" was widely used. There were children's animes on Nick Jr. segment back then.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show episode "Mario Meets Koopzilla" introduced me to Japan, which of course is where most video games (including Nintendo's) are developed and where manga/anime derived from.

In recent years, I couldn't easily keep up with my hobbies due to tons of life concerns and tasks requested by parents. And worse, their constant notifications severely increased my anxiety to always bracing myself for any incoming actions from them. And without my hobbies and local friends with similar interests, depression and lack of support kicks in.

But nowadays, I'm catching up with my hobbies again slowly, but still need more work. I feel like I might always be a Vocaloid fan, especially Hatsune Miku and maybe Megurine Luka. Besides anime and Vocaloid music, video game music is listened to more often in my life, due to being fitting for productivity and cooling my meltdown scale.

I am learning Japanese language lessons online and in school, but after Level 3, I still need to learn about Kanji and assembling sentences as well as speaking vocally smoother to avoid the "Porky Pig" corrupted speech effect.

I am also diagnosed with this, but specifically ASD (formally Asperger's syndrome) as seen in various films and TV shows. These might help you understand:

But this is best for otakus. English captions available in its settings:

People who say "Everyone is autistic" is wrong, uneducated and uninterested.


* Cooking, especially with natural simple foods fitting with Paleo, Mediterranean and Caveman Diets.
* People who are very appropriately supportive with good looks and social behaviors of themselves by my standards.
* Enjoyable obscure video games, especially 2D shmups.
* Vocaloids. They sooth my senses, especially female ones.
* Slice of life manga/anime, whether setting takes place in high school, home, city, or a combination of them.
* Birds, especially chickens, turkeys, parrots and some song birds like Brown Thrashers, Northern Flickers and Mockingbirds.


* Inevitable popular things I am incompatible with, such as usual typical vocal music, kids media, some crappy big name brands, etc.
* Being around much older people too much, unless if they are compatible enough.
* Common annoying social speeches and words.
* Piercings, tattoos, and other similar things. Being naturally myself is best.
* High-riding pickup trucks.
* Jobs that won't allow Bluetooth earbud sets to be used. Without them, I would get more irritable easier.
* The usual cats and dogs. Too much to take care of and can be annoying. But meeting some owned by others can be okay.
* Medications and artificial additives in vaccines and processed foods.
* Notification overload.
* Sensory overload.

I hope this profile intro is appropriate and easy to understand. If so, I appreciate it. v(^_^) Peace.


I also use LINE and Discord.
Nov 13-15