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We call that cat paralysis.
Time to hunt some ghosts.
I must have deleted 6 spam threads before coming across people posting in them. Thank you for showing restraint, MO! I'll reward you with fishy sticks later.
Yesterday at 2:54pm
Yup. I'm always the first to warn people about that kinda stuff. Even Angel Work has destroyed a lot of minds out there because people fail to acclimate themselves to the higher energy. And they are the go between for us mortals. And as you say, there's limits. I think its less god and more man who tries to destroy knowledge. As always, It's about control. Do you know how many people fuck up their lives with ouijaboards? Do you realize how often those same people reach out for help only to have fear and superstition shoved in their faces? If your life is thrown into chaos by an unseen force, the last thing you want to hear is "You shouldn't have been messing with that shit, you got what you deserved." Here's the thing though. Just dump the board in salt water to cleanse it. (If only they made them water proof.) Be careful and discerning. Ask security questions. If you unleashed something into your home, smack it with iron. Now why isn't that knowledge more available? Because the church as an institution wants people to go through them. As always, its about control. Fear and superstition are not compatible with the Aquarian age. Knowledge is. But it's difficult to throw the safety guidelines out there when you are constantly getting attacked by the religious and the atheistic interests out there. Anyway, I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts in a civil manner. Even if you don't agree, just wanted to get some shit off my chest.
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