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31 year old Male
Last online 1 day ago
Lancaster, OH
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Onizuka left a comment for Chocopyro
Dec 29, 19 at 10:48pm

If you are entitled to overtime for your work, keep records of everything. Report them for labor violations and get the money you are due when you leave.

Chocopyro My temp agency actually ended up taking on the issue. The result, we all got laid off as of today. But yeah, I do have a paper record of all my checks, just in case something like this happened.
Onizuka Sucks about being laid off. Great that your agency backed you on this. Hopefully you find new work soon, but from the sounds of things, that business was not worth your time and effort.
Chocopyro Thanks, and actually I had no problem with the job itself, just the corporate section. Everyone's reaction to us getting fired was several shades of "I thought for sure you'd get hired on!" But that's kinda the nature of seasonal work. Funny thing is, that was one of the better jobs I've had to work in the last few years. XD
Dec 15, 19 at 8:48am

Dec 11, 19 at 8:56pm

I found the thread you made after roaming around, it’s honestly made me bitter towards this entire community, not a soul can tell me something I’d be delighted to hear but everyone msgs me about things I tell them I don’t wanna hear about..... orz

It’s good to hear from ya!

TheSailingTeacup left a comment for Chocopyro
Oct 14, 19 at 2:04am

Hey! I was wondering where you'd been. Everything alright?

akuro left a comment for Chocopyro
Sep 19, 19 at 2:06pm

No worries! Thank you for adding me as well!

KuroK left a comment for Chocopyro
Aug 14, 19 at 5:59pm

Much thanks your the best!!! plus i mean look at that profile pic what a badass!

Swadian left a comment for Chocopyro
Aug 04, 19 at 10:30pm

Lamby left a comment for Chocopyro
Jul 22, 19 at 2:37pm

hey did your mod kick in? if so add me on discord we're making a mod only discord for discussing issues and junk

Baka He did the one thing no other mod seemed to be able to do, he went to the threads and deleted them!!! His mod didn’t only kick in, he became.. THE MOD WHO CARES
Baka #chocoleadmod2020
Lamby oh fuck off iv deleted more threads than you can count >w>
Baka I only counted the 130+ (Stopped counting) that plagued the sections as I roamed to dig up old threads in his kill count <w<
Lamby iv been deleting threads since i was first modded, and the majority of the trolls threads were gone thanks to me. but do i get credit >W>?! no >W>! so neither does choco =w=
Chocopyro I am indeed mod enabled. And to me, it's just picking up sticks littering the yard after a storm.
Chocopyro In the group already, but added anyways.
Lamby good >w>/
☠BΣΉΣЯIƬ✴ left a comment for Chocopyro
Jul 21, 19 at 1:21pm

Congratulations on becoming a new mod! I'm sure with your due diligence, the mod team has been bolstered for the better. No trolls can stand to oppose you...

GDMH39 [Lei’s] ehhhh!!! patch* patch* patch* CONGRATULATION!!! :P
melk left a comment for Chocopyro
Jul 20, 19 at 7:42pm

This video reminded me of you. You ever get any unruly additions to your party? XD

Chocopyro Oh yeah, I've seen this one! Love that video! XD
Chocopyro But yeah, we've had our share of questionable party additions.
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