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in theory elementals are neutral creatures right?

Chocopyro @chocopyro In very broad generalizations, I'm inclined to answer yes, since a lot of encounters range from "Often mistaken for demonic entities" (Like puckwudgies here in the Americas) to "Often mistaken for angels" though there are a lot of nuances in individual cases which kinda resist simplicity. As a general rule of thumb, you wanna be respectful to them, and careful not to affect whatever agenda they have going on, or at least stay out of their way. I don't necessarily think in terms of good or evil, or good or bad when it comes to elementals and nature spirits. That's like a human holding ethnocentric standards to a spider for eating its mate. Something that is very normal and ingrained in their nature may be repulsive to us, but not all elementals behave exactly the same. I wish I understood their psychology better, but we're talking about entities that lack a nervous system.
Chocopyro @chocopyro So why ask? Got a Duwende infestation or something? XD
May 23, 20 at 4:16pm

Thanks for the add


~Smile's~ I'm glad you Accepted. And I'm really sorry for the late reply. between not having internet and moving. I've been really busy. And now this virus going around. Vampire have always been my thing. Vampire and wolves. can I ask, if you dont make friend's with vampire's.... How come you added me?? If you dont mind me asking.


:D it's always nice to meet new people


Well..... I’m over 18..... I don’t think I have all of the requirements your asking..... mostly because I’m still new and learning ~smile’s~ but I’m looking for new friends... people I can trust and honestly call a friend. If your interested, I’ll add you and let you decide..... no I’m not a bot...... I have a heart beat I promise.

Feb 27, 20 at 4:51pm
Feb 27, 20 at 2:35pm

I can play this game too. You are the guilty one.

foo_fighter @foo_fighter left a comment for Chocopyro
Feb 06, 20 at 8:22am

sup choco

Onizuka @averageboss left a comment for Chocopyro
Dec 29, 19 at 10:48pm

If you are entitled to overtime for your work, keep records of everything. Report them for labor violations and get the money you are due when you leave.

Chocopyro @chocopyro My temp agency actually ended up taking on the issue. The result, we all got laid off as of today. But yeah, I do have a paper record of all my checks, just in case something like this happened.
Onizuka @averageboss Sucks about being laid off. Great that your agency backed you on this. Hopefully you find new work soon, but from the sounds of things, that business was not worth your time and effort.
Chocopyro @chocopyro Thanks, and actually I had no problem with the job itself, just the corporate section. Everyone's reaction to us getting fired was several shades of "I thought for sure you'd get hired on!" But that's kinda the nature of seasonal work. Funny thing is, that was one of the better jobs I've had to work in the last few years. XD
ƈǟɮʀóռ [кαт’ѕ] @grandpa left a comment for Chocopyro
ƈǟɮʀóռ [кαт’ѕ] @grandpa
Dec 15, 19 at 8:48am
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