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Oh the white mage has a very strict rule of voluntary donations, he doesn't asks for money nor puts on puppy eyes waiting for it, he fixes you and let's you go, if you want to give him money that's up to you. Sadly I missed my chance to be scanned by him and his assistance, my siblings and parents all got scanned, one of them was diagnosed with having a second heart, meanwhile the small inspection done unto me (not a full scan) just brought up the whole brimming with energy thing. He asked me whether I would randomly collide with objects or hurt myself out of nowhere or like suddenly while doing any normal action my body would just move to hit something... It was kinda creepy because that happens to me very often where out of nowhere I just collide with objects or get hurt out of the blue almost unconsciously. He said it was my body's attempts to get rid of the energy because it was too much for me to handle
Hey Choco, I visited a white mage a month ago, he said I had some sort of course on my body going on but that it was mostly phased out by now and not that strong anymore. He also said I was brimming with energy and that it could bring me bad issues in the future if I don't learn how to get rid of the excess, thought you would find it interesting
Ms MissUnderstanding @swadian Sorry, curse* not course, damn auto correct
Ah damn it, the only places I could acquire salted goat blood were closed yesterday. This year's easter is going to be yabai. https://c.tenor.com/buPk6Pwzss4AAAAC/yabai-yabatanien.gif
Mar 29, 22 at 6:47pm
Here is a random cuteness for you, dude.
VanillaCyro @chocopyro We always called it cat paralysis when a cat would just lay on your hands while you are typing or about to get up for something.
Lunar Lone Wolf @kameiya When my cat is needy and she sees me with my cell phone she jumps on my tummy and rubs her head against my cell and tries to knock it out of my hands. She's adorable so I definitely have to put my cell down until she is satisfied with her petting.
Coco @yukiasato left a comment for VanillaCyro
Mar 12, 22 at 1:21pm
Hey you!! Lol butt in whenever it fun
I hunger. BRB.
Happy Valentine's Choco!!!
Ghost @kuharido left a comment for VanillaCyro
Jan 01, 22 at 3:34pm
Happy new year! https://safebooru.org//samples/3379/sample_df63eaef67aa785cc71aea782fa4b7245cd27860.jpg?3788792
Ghost @kuharido left a comment for VanillaCyro
Dec 25, 21 at 4:52pm
Merry Christmas! https://safebooru.org//samples/3620/sample_554b6e7ae35d4bd183063ba8cc22edcfb1cbaab7.jpg?3777741
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