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Wii Fit At Wal-Mart at Midnight

Good news! Folks waiting for Nintendo's Wii Fit don't have to wait long for their copy (unless all their neighbors also have the Wii). Considering an official release time such as 8am or even midnight has not been release by Nintendo, Wal-Mart is selling Wii's right at Midnight. Be sure to get there quickly before they sell out!

Even doctors are seeing the benefits of the Nintendo's Wii Fit. Kathy Martin of Muscatine said her doctor prescribed Wii Fit, to help her recover from the effects of Lyme Disease and some other conditions. "It will help me to be able to exercise without the higher impact of a gym or even walking on a treadmill," she said. The Wii Fit is an excellent medication in this situation, providing more subtle exercises with the more strenuous ones.

Jessica Hunter, also in line for the Wii Fit, still enjoys the classic that came with the Wii system. "I liked playing Wii tennis," she said. "We break it out whenever people come over."

Pictures will be made available either tonight after midnight... or after I'm done playing at noon tomorrow. A detailed review may also be available at that time.
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