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Continued Debate Coverage

Thank you for keeping up to date with our Muscatine Sheriff Debate. In the second part of the debate, candidates were asked about new technology, businesses and financial experience, hiring practices, and more. View First Half Coverage

When it comes to hiring practices, the candidates agreed that following the standard procedures would be the norm under their administrations. Frank Draper believes in hiring local people who will be more friendly and less agressive. Asked about the positives or negatives of MUSCOM, Mike Wade mentions the Tornado disaster as a good reason for having joint communications.

The drug task force and drug task force funding were also brought up, and each candidate would like to seek more grant funding for the task force. CJ Ryan was the only candidate that has experience on the Muscatine County Drug Task force, working on it for over 1 decade.

In closing statemtents, Dave White mentioned he does not want any sort of tremendous change, and things will not change much he if were elected. The other candidates revisited their experience and various topics covered throughout the debate.

An analysis of candidate's answers will be coming as follow up.
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Apr 16, 08 at 3:21pm

This is all the info you have on teh debate? I hope I am missing something or this is a waste of time