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2008 Muscatine Sheriff Debate Coverage

Welcome to our starting coverage of the 2008 Muscatine Sheriff Debate. We are reporting live from the 2008 debate, with an audience of about 15 people, plus future television coverage. So far, the candidates have been asked for their opening statements, and about the Iowa Concealed Carry Laws currently proposed in congress.

Opening statements covered a wide variety of topics, including running a family business, budgeting experience, and more. PJ Brewer spoke highly of his 21 years of experience working for the Sheriff's department. "Being West Liberty's police chief has prepared me for being the chief officer of Muscatine County's sheriff department," said Brewer.

Dave White's platform consists of serving for over 25 years in public safety positions. He was appointed chief deputy by Greg Orr in 2003, calling it a "great honor" and the "highlight of my career".

Frank Draper has been in charge of uniform budgets, field training operations. He would like to see that we would continue the drug task force. "You've seen that we have a drug problem in Muscatine County," said Frank, also saying that the drug task force is a very important part of joint county/city/state operations.

CJ Ryan started has a patrol deputy, then later worked in investigations, and has worked in most of the Sheriff departments. "I was lucky enough to run the [drug task force] during one of it's most successful times," said Ryan. "I have a plan for the department to set and met goals so the entire department can work as a team." Ryan claims "experience is a cornerstone of my campaign."

Mike Wade says "law enforcement has been a large part of my life." Mike has operated his own lawn service for seventeen years, and in 2002 became a member of the Muscatine County Sheriff's Patrol. "I will be a working Sheriff, I will be there for you," said Wade.

When asked about the Iowa Concealed carry laws, the candidates surprisingly had differing opinions. Iowa's current congress is proposing standardizing weapons issuance to any qualified law-abiding citizen. Almost all the candidates mentioned either support for the second amendment or their personal NRA membership.

White would like the concealed carry laws standardized. Draper, however, believes concealed carry permits should be granted by the Sheriff because face to face conversations tell you more about people. Wade and Brewer also agree with Draper. CJ Ryan, is also a "big believer in local control."

When asked about personal finance, Draper says he has zero debt. Wade has run his own lawn service. CJ Ryan assists the office with the budget and has been extensively involved with the drug task force budget. PJ Brewer has worked in a family business for over 25 years, and manages the budget in West Liberty now. Dave White has been in control of the patrol budget for the past 5 and a half years.

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