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BREAKING: Shooting At Officer - Suicide on Cypress

Tradgedy struck a normally quiet neighborhood when a suicide occurred at 1011 Cypress Ave, after a man who reportedly had shot at police had shot himself. Lee Romine, 33, was determined by police to be dead in the Kitchen a little before 8:00pm today.

At approximately 5:45pm, Muscatine police were called to a domestic disturbance on the 1000 block of Cypress street, between Family Video and Heinz.

"This is one of those situations that comes out of the blue," said Mike Scott, assistant chief of police.

Two shots were reportedly fired at the officers as they arrived at the scene. The officers quickly retreated from the house and quickly afterwards more officers arrived and barricaded the street between tenth and eleventh. A third shot was heard somewhere around this time. SWAT members and snipers could be also seen in the area. This left the suspect alone in the house, as the woman and baby had already escaped unharmed. Outside a crowd of at least 75 people gathered between ninth and tenth street.

Around 7:15, the infiltration team arrived and began preparing to enter the house. They entered through the back of the house around 7:30-7:45. The officers later left through the front door, calm, and no shots were heard. After the officers left the house, no suspects left the house, and we can assume the third shot, which occurred right at the beginning of the incident, had been a suicide shot by the suspect. No official details beyond this have been released at this time.
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We miss you, Lee!!!