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Students Demonstrate Scientific Research

Several hundred students came to the Muscatine Mall for this year's Science Fair, armed with weeks of research and often elaborate presentations. There were over 200 entries this year, although it seemed that including parents and other students the mall was, in an unusual situation, packed with 500 or more people.

Students featured their research on a variety of subjects, including those often done, and some more unique projects. There were several variations of which battery lasts longer, which stain remover works best, and how many mentos does someone have to mix with coke to cause a bigger explosion. And at least three different flavors of "how can I launch this rock/marble/action figure farther with my trebuchet/catapult".

There were also a few more unique works, including which shape has the least wind resistance, and at which angle does light have the most generating power.

Mayor Dick O'brien, a former science fair judge, had nothing but good things to say about the students. "They did such a fine job on this, and they do work hard," he said.

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