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1. @trollge ummmmm none. I usually drink my water
2. 700 pounds.
3. then.. idk
4. there is a forum in here for that
5. he decided to drink almond milk so hes still fighting a vegan for the last jug
6. pink ones :)

What is "normal"?
about 1 hour ago • Serious Talk

Normal by my perspective is following the majority of our society and being against unique parts of yourself most look at as "abnormal" or an "issue".

For instance, in my area, most people are Christian, outdoorsy, farming, proudly American (especially Southern), listen mostly to their own traditional music or what's on the radio, eat typical bland foods (especially processed foods), watch movies/TV/news, extroverted (looking at introverts as an "issue"), believe maturity is always better than immaturity, laugh too much, love toxic positivity or toxic negativity without even knowing it's toxic, keeping up with as many trends as possible, and so on.


The market price for this card at it's lowest on TCG Player is now $87. Unfortunately, I think the art for a card that price is sub par. I kept looking at this card trying to figure out what it was that was bugging me. Something with leg and hip positioning and proportions.

Ah well, I own this card and it's increased about $25 since last year. Woot.


The one who Isekai'd Lebron James into Space Jam 2

Panda's shitpost thread
about 2 hours ago • Random Chatter

Double standards at work here. Lamby has her shit post forum but when panda makes one yaasshat loses his mind

Political rants
about 2 hours ago • Serious Talk

This is what I hate about the chicken egg industry because it is the roosters of the egg laying chickens that are sent into the grinder. As a hunter there is nothing in the world more disgraceful than killing something that is not yet an adult. However the reason is that the meat yield of these particular kinds of chickens isn't enough to justify the cost of feed supposedly. Last time I ran the numbers they would be making something like $1.20 or something per chicken and apparently that isn't enough. Considering the amount of chickens that die this way, they are missing out on around $100 million a year.

Another option would be making the common rooster, a pet. You could turn that into a billion dollar industry.

Game Memes
about 3 hours ago • Video Games Discussion
about 4 hours ago • Random Chatter

I think you're doing it wrong. I've been drinking since I was 15 and it never gave me nightmares. If anything it made me have no dreams. Just a headache in the morning when I'd forget to drink water and eat before bed.

Random thoughts...
about 10 hours ago • Random Chatter

I hate myself for choosing to cut 4mm titanium with an angle grinder. Shit takes forever, a tiny piece took 15 minutes, that's it, buying a metal bandsaw next paycheck.

IRL pictures
about 14 hours ago • Random Chatter

Enki rules the Animal Kingdom confirmed

Wedding Wednesday
about 15 hours ago • Likes and Dislikes