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What game are you currently playing?


Rune factory 4 special edition


Finished Sleeping Dogs a few days ago DLC excluded which I should go back and do, Finished Replaying Sabbat Of The Witch which was a very fun time , Started Yakuza 3 Remastered which feels kind of weird after 0, Kiwami and Kiwami 2 with the controls and movements at times (curse the damn Cabaret minigame being difficult)

Also started replaying Senren Banka and very early on in Utawarerumono.
(sorry for the bad job not good with cropping, lining up and paint)


@animefan0071 nice. You ever watch the anime of Utawarerumono or are you going in blind?


i go between a few games atm, stardew valley, town of salem, vrchat and beat saber


@umi_nezumi completely blind.
Got the whole three games and all DLC for about 53% off on steam sale and finally pulled the trigger on it.


Dead by Daylight and Warframe.


Genshin, then Mr Driller Drilland.
I've double dip because wanted the trophies on PS4 lol about it.

Nov 09, 21 at 7:44pm

Step aside sherklock homes! There is a new detective in town and he is ready to solve a doganronpa mistery! I got my two ace side kicks here and their names are hennessy and bananna liqour!


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