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Oct 12, 21 at 12:52am

Sep 18, 21 at 11:35am

Woah. Funimation updated their player and it's finally not complete and actual dumpster fire tier now.

Sep 12, 21 at 7:22pm

Found my original DS, untouched for over a decade. It not only booted up but has been going for about 3 hours now. Amazed that the battery is still any good at all. Also the screen was so smol ( ̄~ ̄;)

Sep 08, 21 at 6:08pm

@ivytsuta depends on the OP. Some I do, but most I don't, especially when watching episodes back to back.

Sep 05, 21 at 9:32pm

Wish I could memorize kanji without writing them. My hand gets tired after awhile, but I want to keep going.

meisterman1985 @meisterman1985 頑張れよ!٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
Xin @xinmage left a comment for ゼム
Sep 03, 21 at 8:20pm

Your story had me revving the edge of my sheepskin covered seats. How did you know Truck Simulator was my favorite game? Haha, actually I never played Truck Simulator, but I as a kid loved Big Mutha' Truckers.

As a side note, the ending of that Isekai rings similar to an obscure game called "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream."

If that was your intention or mere accident, I applaud it!

Then again, maybe this was the cross over Stephen King universe we needed.

Christine X Maximum Overdrive.

Aug 30, 21 at 3:23pm

Yup, you get the power of suggestion if you genuinely laugh, they hear you, and you verbally issue a command. Otherwise you just look silly in a world without humor. Is this power busted? Is it actually useless? Tune in next time on "I lost my sense of humor in another world" to find out.

Aug 30, 21 at 2:11pm

LOL, that's so hilarious! so I'm gonna need to laugh for the next 1 minute of my life for that...LMAO..XD

Aug 30, 21 at 1:53pm

Hmm, well I almost made the power geass, but with the activation being laughing.

Aug 30, 21 at 1:41pm

That's a harsh world okay I'm gonna go grab Panda-kun again with me..LOL..XD

Aug 20, 21 at 12:29pm

It is at this juncture in my life that I have decided--it's time to re-watch Gintama! The original OP is giving me that tingly sense of nostalgia right now.

Aug 08, 21 at 1:03am

Thanks for the friend request