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What is it like dating you?

Jan 27, 16 at 12:52am

poo scrw hoo? i ask every one that. na im a gentleman and say can you bnd over for two seconds

Jan 27, 16 at 1:57am

Actually, one of my Gaia friends drew fan art of me which pretty accurately sums it up.

But yeah, seriously. I need my alone time to recharge or work on creative projects. Other than that, I've been told I'm quite a fun person to date.

Jan 27, 16 at 5:35am

A big boat of autism, cringe, and mini adventures!
You'll forget you have a partner, but instead, you would always question why this gross, lewdish, adult-child is in your home making snacks and shit and when will they leave. and the answer is NEVER
unless you're offended easily or aren't willing to get weird, then i leave..

- 3- I'd ask my partner, buuuuut, his responses is cheezy.
and that ish is weird to type.....

He said, " Interesting, distracting, amusing, fun, self-improving
It's like dating a Halfling, i'd assume, because they're the "happy go-lucky, everything should be great, talk my way into and out of everything" type of adventurer usually"

Jan 27, 16 at 9:05am

You guys paint some interesting tales. I'm honestly surprised at some of you being single.

Jan 27, 16 at 6:46pm

I guess cheezy? I don't know, really.

Jan 27, 16 at 8:19pm

its like dating an overly jealous yandere who acts a tiny bit tsundere.

Jan 27, 16 at 9:37pm

In an ideal world:

In actuality...

Jan 27, 16 at 9:43pm


Jan 27, 16 at 9:48pm

Something like that

Jan 27, 16 at 10:11pm

So fugly you won't have to worry about people going after me.. lulz -- i hate my life

but in all seriousness, having me in your life..probably a never-a-dull moment life style (in person) between being a childish-adult who will play soldier -- slowly sneaking down the stairs just to shoot you in the ass with a nerf gun and run away giggling like a school girl, demanding to be played with and attention when ever I want it, very perveted ;), will wander around just analyzing everything looking for a good spot to scare the living shit out of you every 10 minutes, terrorizing the neighborhood kids especially on Halloween and what not.

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