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What is it like dating you?

Jan 27, 16 at 12:52am

poo scrw hoo? i ask every one that. na im a gentleman and say can you bnd over for two seconds


Actually, one of my Gaia friends drew fan art of me which pretty accurately sums it up.

But yeah, seriously. I need my alone time to recharge or work on creative projects. Other than that, I've been told I'm quite a fun person to date.


A big boat of autism, cringe, and mini adventures!
You'll forget you have a partner, but instead, you would always question why this gross, lewdish, adult-child is in your home making snacks and shit and when will they leave. and the answer is NEVER
unless you're offended easily or aren't willing to get weird, then i leave..

- 3- I'd ask my partner, buuuuut, his responses is cheezy.
and that ish is weird to type.....

He said, " Interesting, distracting, amusing, fun, self-improving
It's like dating a Halfling, i'd assume, because they're the "happy go-lucky, everything should be great, talk my way into and out of everything" type of adventurer usually"


You guys paint some interesting tales. I'm honestly surprised at some of you being single.


I guess cheezy? I don't know, really.


its like dating an overly jealous yandere who acts a tiny bit tsundere.

Jan 27, 16 at 9:37pm

In an ideal world:

In actuality...



Jan 27, 16 at 9:48pm

Something like that


So fugly you won't have to worry about people going after me.. lulz -- i hate my life

but in all seriousness, having me in your life..probably a never-a-dull moment life style (in person) between being a childish-adult who will play soldier -- slowly sneaking down the stairs just to shoot you in the ass with a nerf gun and run away giggling like a school girl, demanding to be played with and attention when ever I want it, very perveted ;), will wander around just analyzing everything looking for a good spot to scare the living shit out of you every 10 minutes, terrorizing the neighborhood kids especially on Halloween and what not.

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