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What is it like dating you?


That's a good question. Does anyone care to answer?


Okay, so I do have an update. I recently asked two girls what its like to date me. Consistently, each answered that I was "Considerate", "Thoughtful", "Intelligent", "Entertaining", and they "feel safe" with one saying "Feel safe around you" and the other saying "Feel safe when around you." I have no idea each way of wording implies a different form of safety or not. My first ex went on to complain about several old issues which I've gone about addressing a long time ago, and the other didn't really have anything bad to say, no matter how much I tried to coax it out of her. This may just have to do with the issue of how each relationship ended, with the first being a decisive breakup, and the second being a mutually held crush with some dates that never officially sprung into a steady relationship, mostly because we live rather far apart, and we were always just too busy with our individual goals to really find time for anything.

But according to the second individual, its more like this picture than the one in my previous post:

And I have no idea what she is insinuating. :/

Jan 28, 16 at 9:39pm

Pretty annoying. I usually date out of boredom. When I date, I have no time for my partner, since I go to university & work and also try to improve my music career on the side. They are a filler. I break up because my priorities most likely differ from theirs and I get tired... However, if I really like you, I will put you above everything else... you would be my sole priority. I need my me-time since being around people can get exhausting, but you will be the one person I wouldn't mind breaking that circle. So far there was only one person I was willing to put in that spot though.


I'll have to say I like getting short text from my partner even if it's quick updates on their day or random stuff they want to share with me. Meeting at least two or three times per week would be cool
I believed you should have your own free time or space that doesn't mean blowing the other person off during that time

Jan 29, 16 at 9:20am
This account has been suspended.

@xypho: It's better to be thought of as an idiot than to open your mouth and prove you are.

AKA: Shush. Pick and choose your battles. This isn't the time or place. This also isn't your thread and I'd appreciate it if you didn't fill it with your bullshit. Have some respect for other people.

Because at this present moment in time, you're just giving her more credibility by acting like this.


FFS! Not this again! It makes me want to hit my head against a wall cause that is just how dumb it is. I'm not a stalker but I will hound a person on forums because that will really help my cause! Just stop it before you get yourself in more trouble

Edit- To answer the question what is it like to date me. I'm like a puppy. Sometimes annoying and clingy but really loving and loyal :)

Jan 29, 16 at 11:23am

Yeah, wow. o_o Whatever differences you guys have, as mentioned above, I'd try to keep that stuff behind closed doors via PM or other social media. Bringing it out in public on the forums like this isn't healthy. If you guys aren't getting along, cut your losses, block each other, and move on. Dragging stuff like this out in public is only going to exacerbate whatever problems you guys already had.


Ban for harassment.

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I'm usually ready to go out. People say that I am gentle, smart, reliable, cool, sweet and have good manners. Some people think my cooking is attractive, just like Food Network star Alton Brown using cooking to attract women.

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