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What is it like dating you?


Suppose you were to be asked what someone is in for being your partner(like now for example). What would you say? Can you describe what someone would be in for dating you?


Everyone's opinion will differ from that of my own.

But, yes, let's shine up those turds.


Living the dream


XD pretty much.


For the emotionally attached, I assume somewhat difficult. But it's hard to fully answer that.

Jan 26, 16 at 11:27pm


^^ Veru, so true. People who say women aren't interested in sex are friggin deluded.

Jan 26, 16 at 11:41pm

They would feel loved, cared for, it would be a double edged blade, my caring might fall into the clingy section I guess, and sex, lot's of sexy time.


Huh, that's a broad question. I like getting texts or stuff throughout the day, even if they're little notes. So once in awhile I like to text to improve her day, sometimes even bring a hot lunch to work for her (if I'm not at my job at the time).

I've cooked for a long time now and have gotten pretty good at it, I love my food and I haven't heard a single complaint from anyone. Of course I always check to see if there's something specific they don't like and avoid cooking it.

As for dates, they wouldn't all be super fancy and romantic (they'll still happen though). I enjoy having fun more than sitting and eating, so I'd prefer going Mini-Golfing, Go-Karting, or something like that.

Though I can be a bit of a homebody at times. When I'm being that way I like to cuddle on the couch and work on concept art, watch TV or movies and play games together. Maybe even share a joint or two.

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