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Sep 17, 18 at 7:34pm

I'll make this brief. I don't think this sight is for me anymore. I got most of my good buds on discord anyway. So Imma leave it. No it isn't because of mods, or bugs with the site, or any drama with other people. Nothing like that. I'm just tired of coming here. Caught it feeling almost more like an obligation than something I enjoyed doing. I took some time off before and it made me feel pretty good. Would rather that be permanent. So yeah, to those it may concern I'm off the site.

Hell, it was fun. Got some laughs, learned a bit about myself and made some great friends. Some I've gotten to meet and some that I plan to someday. Maybe I'd get inspired to come back someday but I don't see that happening. You guys stay good! Ciao

BurningHalo Oh.. And if any of you say "*site", I will haunt you in your sleep.
TaoistWanderer☆Enki farewell. See you on discord.
Cero *you're
Sep 17, 18 at 3:55am

Does it take a stronger person to be willing to keep trying even when things don't seem to be working out or to be willing to walk away from something they really care about when it falls apart?

Though I suppose you could also see both as weakness. Being too dependent and afraid to let things go so you cling to it desperately...Being too scared of actually trying and failing so you never let yourself commit enough for failure to affect you. I guess it boils down to why you do what you do.

Muggleborn Baka I try to do both at once cus I over think things. Does that make me double strong or double weak..
Muggleborn Baka I try to do both at once cus I over think things. Does that make me double strong or double weak..
Sep 13, 18 at 12:57pm

Sooo...Yoshihiko Imakoshi has stated that he's working on his Gogeta. This all but confirms that we'll see the fused saiyan in the new Broly film


Sep 11, 18 at 3:35pm

A breakdown of long as I'm focusing on Ultra Instinct

The Ghost Who Walks left a comment for BurningHalo
Sep 07, 18 at 5:54pm

Sep 07, 18 at 11:52am

You know... I am not the biggest fan of the "mastered" ultra instinct state. This is chiefly because of the white hair:

Don't get me wrong, the fluid animation of the fight is top tier. BUUUT here's the thing. What I liked about ultra instinct was that it was a concept of self-mastery achievable by those disciplined enough to get there(and has a real-world counterpart). But by giving it white hair you essentially just turn it into another super saiyan form. A hair pallete to sell toys. I enjoyed that Goku's hair stayed Black when he initially went UI because it seemed like the kind of thing any dbz fighter could strive for as opposed to just another saiyan transformation. One of my favorite things about the tournament of power was that basically all the fighters got a little spotlight. But Goku still gets the biggest handjob.


sadjester left a comment for BurningHalo
Sep 04, 18 at 2:36pm

Thanks for letting me know. ^^

Nobody left a comment for BurningHalo
Sep 04, 18 at 12:34pm
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Nobody left a comment for BurningHalo
Sep 04, 18 at 11:46am
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Sep 03, 18 at 11:47pm

Muggleborn Baka such a good anime
BurningHalo Savage I tell ya
Muggleborn Baka this kinda thing would literally make me feel terrible all week
BurningHalo Eh, I'd be too busy to care. Let the girl play her game. I like women
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