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Last online about 2 hours ago
Chicago Heights, IL
B is for the brevity that I show when I am speaking
U for understanding, a man who enjoys thinking
R for re-imagine, just look what I've done here
N for narcissism just so that we are clear
I for intuition, I'm smarter than you know
N is for the name, there's a reason it's Halo ;)
G is for my gallantry which all my friends endure

Call me Vincent and it'll be a pleasure I'm sure

I figure you'll make up your mind about me as you speak to me anyway.
I can be a little flirty and dirty here and there sometimes.But I like talking to people and getting to know em. People often have interesting stories. Let's hear yours!

Myanimelist: https://myanimelist.net/profile/BurningHalo
My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/burninghalo_01/
I have a discord and a server too if you're interested. Give me a shout!

I love most music. Not a fan of most rap or country songs though.
My favorite film is Demolition Man. I can quote any and every line from it verbatim.

Want to know anything else? Ask away! I am not a shy guy

(Been on since Jan. 25, 2016 )
I'm back (09.28.21)
May 14-16
May 20-22
Apr 27-29
May 17-19