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22 year old Male
Last online 13 days ago
under your sheets, FL
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Arc left a comment for Neko-chi™
Oct 18, 19 at 11:35pm

Noooooo you need to get back on maiotaku T_T

I was so hoping you would post in this thread I made

Baka left a comment for Neko-chi™
Jul 20, 19 at 8:38pm
This account has been suspended.
[DERP] Charles left a comment for Neko-chi™
Jul 12, 19 at 12:08pm

Yo wassup

Panda-kun™ left a comment for Neko-chi™
Apr 19, 18 at 1:41pm

To everyone trying to send a friend request to this profile....this is my old profile XD i no longer use it due technical issues please direct all friend requests to my new profile

. left a comment for Neko-chi™
Feb 22, 18 at 3:56pm

why u switching profiles soo much :O

Panda-kun™ This profile got banned and then i couldnt post on it anymore
Himitsu_Marukawa left a comment for Neko-chi™
Jun 18, 17 at 1:08pm

Notice me senpai! After I hide Yoko-chan's body and clean up the blood. THEN notice me.

Panda-kun™ Your senpai is too busy noticing me
Panda-kun™ Btw that proifle isnt active anymore (im the owner of it, and this is my new profile lol)
. left a comment for Neko-chi™
May 14, 17 at 11:58pm

woah.. it took me time to find you since u changed ur name, i honestly thought u left this site... nice to see u again, u probably dont know who i am since i changed my name, lets see if u can guess well

Panda-kun™ imma guess and saaaaay...laughingman? btw this is my new account the one your talking on got banned
Mikuru Konsei left a comment for Neko-chi™
May 12, 17 at 11:41am

Hey.... Im new and im single and ready to mingle. >w<

Panda-kun™ Lol this profile isnt active, this used to be my profile but i had to make another one
TheSailingTeacup left a comment for Neko-chi™
Jan 28, 17 at 4:52am

Where did you go??? :( I miss a day and then you go away!!! :( DId you run away and elope with Kid???? Didi he pandanap you???

Empyreal Light left a comment for Neko-chi™
Aug 27, 16 at 2:23am

Panda Kun! ^^ I see you haven't been on in quite some time. Sorry I left again....Every couple of weeks when I leave for months I just get caught up in a busy schedule. Hopefully you aren't gone for good pal and hope your studies have been going well :3